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A mother remembers the joy of children playing~A sestina poem 12/09 Quotation Inspiration
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Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.
~Andy Goldsworthy

The morning dawns perfect and bright,
revealing the night's gift, a mantle of pristine snow.
For as far as the eye can see there is a blanket of white.
Nary a track mars the smooth ground.
Memories of years past choose this morning to play.
I lean my forehead to the glass, unmindful of the cold.

Frozen breath hangs in the frigid cold.
Dancing eyes squint against the glare so bright.
As children romp and play
they squeal in delight falling into the snow.
Precious snow angels litter the ground.
Bold colored coats and hats vivid on a background of white.

Innocence and purity reflects in the stark white.
I smile at the cheeks so rosy in the winter cold.
The dog bounds in taking the youngest to the ground.
The laughter is cheerful and bright
as the two roll in the snow
full of energy and play.

The joy of children at play
is so black and white.
Like the snow,
you may see its beauty or only the cold.
Embrace their freedom, blissful and bright
and discover their common ground.

A car in the drive breaks me from memories and tracks the ground.
Out pile the grandchildren ready to play,
smiles light their little faces, and their eyes are so bright.
Colorful snowsuits and sleds dot the white.
Unmindful of the cold,
they dive into the unmarked snow

On the porch tramping off the snow
is my beloved common ground.
His cheeks are rosy in the cold
as he watches his brood at play.
Feeling my gaze, he scoops up a handful of white
and tosses it at the window, flashing me a smile so bright

I return a smile so similar and turn from the snow.
From the white cabinet, I retrieve hot chocolate and fresh cinnamon ground.
With love, Grandma prepares hot chocolate for cold little ones returning from play.

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*Note* If like me you don't know the guidelines for a Sestina poem ... http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-write-a-sestina-poem
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