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by robhow
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Preview of new film release Avatar
Avatar is a cinematic event in itself. I remember other such events, the first 3D films in the 1950's –Vincent Price – The Phantom of the Rue Morgue – One of the worlds heavyweight championship fights on at the News Theatres –The first 3D cartoon, The Owl and the Pussycat. A new age came into being at the arrival of 3D at Universal Studios and Disney – Universal won the first battle for me with the 180 degree 3D screening of Terminator. It was something special and way in advance of all others.
         I was perturbed that I could only get a front seat at my local Vue cinema but I need not have worried it was stimulating and amazing. I would never sit in those seats for a normal film but for 3D it was great, the eyes seem to balance out wherever you sat.
         The opening scenes nearly gave me a dose of space sickness – I thought I was in there with them. The graphics were stupendous except for 2 huge planetary backdrops which were amazingly 2D flat. The story opened with humankind almost invading this beautiful world needing the local inhabitants to vacate the area under which was a rich mineral that would be worth billions of dollars. The human scientists produced avatars of the planetary population transferring their own life energy into them. A bond is made by one of them allowing him to participate in the native lifestyle. Here, the story becomes magical introducing species of flowers, and strange animals and birds, some terrifying. He finds the locals have a special bond with nature and able to communicate with the animals, birds and the plants. 
         The human leaders, one of them military and both filled with corporate greed decide to attack. The attack is to destroy a place that holds the beliefs and expectations of local life thus shattering their will and determination. The bonded human then changes sides helping the Pandorians to fight back after their habitat is destroyed by the ruthless human invaders. A titanic battle ensues, flying men and birds against high technology with mass destructive weapons. The action was very much like Starship Troopers and other action films, but in 3D you are there amongst the carnage. As I stated earlier it was an event not to be missed. I hope 3D is here to stay. Going to the cinema now is an adventure. Go and see this film, I give it 10 out of 10.

PS.  I hope Channel 4 on TV can sort themselves out – their 3D event was dreadful with a terrible yellow haze destroying the vision with no 3D at all. 
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