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I was just writing one day and came up with this.
I fell into a room with lights that blinked constantly. the walls
were black and the air smelled of sweat. I looked upon the dance
floor and saw people move, but the way i saw it, it wasn't dancing,
dancing was full of intentional movements, but what these people did was
flow. It was part of the soft melody that played far away, too far
for me to take notice to what it was called. they were part of
life's little movement, but they perfected it. every one was
floating in life except one women in the corner. She had dirty
blond hair, except you wouldn't call such perfect hair dirty. Her
hair was like ribbons, the way it looked silky with no flaws. She
had it tied in the back of her head in a way that would make a
fairy jealous. the deep red dress that covered her skin formed to
her perfect figure. it wasn't surprising to see her make up was
perfect to. Everyone, including me was filled will jealousy. she sat
in a great big chair that mimicked her power and beauty in every
way. It was big, almost to big for her to sit in, and it was red
like blood with gold surrounding it. she had one elbow on the arm of
the chair while her hand examined the bracelet in her wrist. an
insignificant jewel to her whole appearance. something about the
jewel captivated her. all her attention was on this little ordinary
thing. the jewel was simple just a few beads stung together by a
delicate string. the beads itself were made of wood and looked like
it belonged to someone without wealth.
she avoided every thing around her, but the one thing one her wrist.
She was alone.
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