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To Thee, My Source…

My Source Of Strength – I beg of Thee,
come fill my soul that I may see
Thy wonders hidden in my breast;
upon my heart, where Thou doest rest.
I bow my head
as I am led
to sing Thy praises without dread.

My Source Of Light - creating space
within Thy rays - so full of grace,
Thy holiness felt by my soul –
it overwhelms – and makes me whole.
Though deep within
lay all my sins
that shade the paths of where I’ve been.

My Source Of Mercy – drenched in love,
I ask forgiveness from above
for selfish moments – nasty thoughts;
forgetting things that Thou hast taught.
I beg Thee – please
absolve and ease
my soul – please help me to appease.

My Source Of Wisdom – duty bound,
I once stood lost but now am found.
Within Thy hands – my soul has sight;
far gone are fears within Thy light.
Thy presence stays
throughout my days
in loving and forgiving ways.

My Source Of Peace – with whom I share
Thy vision of a world that cares.
I vow allegiance to Thy will.
I honor Thee and shall fulfill
essential needs
by godly deeds.
With utmost care – I’ll plant Thy seeds.

To Thee, my Source – Thou art my rock;
I live to serve within Thy flock.
Thy energy brings peace of mind;
Thy sight brings knowledge to the blind.
Oh Bless-ed Be
Thou blessest me.
With trust – I linger near to Thee…

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