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This is simply a way to say I love you
When I Look into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes, I see a beauty that is beyond breathtaking.  When I look into your eyes, I am riveted by the deep soul before me.  When look into your eyes I see a softness for stray cats, lost puppies and babies.  I wonder which I am or better yet am I all three.  When I look into your eyes I see command with a gentle approach.  You know where you are going and I know I am along for the ride.  I am thankful I am along in any fashion.  When I look into your eyes, I can not fathom the ebb and tide of emotion that flows between your hearts.  You were kind enough to touch my heart and that is enough for me.  When I look into your eyes I see a tenderness of humanity.  I am struck by the gentle caress and heartened in your genial application.  Truly I am blessed I get to look into your eyes more than anyone.

I wonder what others see in your eyes.  The many you meet in the every day must have some thought and curiosity.  Do they see the gentle passion you draped across me with velvet finger tips?  Do they see the fiery compassion that you stand on “your” ground and “your” own two feet?  Do they see the Mother in you?  How could they “see” what I know; when you were with our child you were “your” own sun and moon.  You still are; just a slimmer version of then. 

When I looked into your eyes, that “first” night I knew I was hopeless in my own desires.  My desires were the very eyes I was looking into.  When I looked into your eyes, that “first” night I knew my life had become a party of two; if you would accept me.  When I looked into your eyes that “first” night, I became aware of sharing.  I felt selfish leave me looking into your very eyes and I am stronger every day with out it.  Your eyes taught me how to give.  I never want to stop.  You eyes taught me to love and I will never stop.

If you are looking for an explanation, you won’t find it here.  I thought at first about searching but I knew the inexplicable would stay unexplained.  I needed no more explanation than to look into your eyes.  Why tempt the very Gods that blessed me because I see them “in your eyes”.  I see not only my world but the whole world “in your eyes”.  I don’t need to see anything more.

In poetic terms we talk about moving mountains.  I don’t know if I can, but I would try because I have looked into “your eyes”.  I feel simple in myself but I feel strong and deeply complex looking into “your eyes”.  You smile at me with your eyes.  What a mount RUSH more that is in my day.  More please!  I wake and tingle every morning waiting until you open your eyes, and I look into them and am off to fight world hunger or something as horrible; because “your eyes” give me such purpose.  I am no hero though, just trying to be a knight for you.  I end my every night “looking into your eyes”.  I dare to dream because I can look into “your eyes”. 

I wrote this for you today because I can think of no other gift I have to offer.  You own my heart “in your eyes”.  This pittance of words is a feeble attempt to explain what I see and feel “in your eyes”.  I hope you will once again accept my less than perfection attempt to be something more in “your eyes”. 

I am writing this today because I am on some business trip; safari, away from you we call life.  I can’t look into “your eyes”.  I feel helpless in this moment but I will return to look into “your eyes”.  My Strength, My Courage, My Demeanor, My Kindness are from “your eyes”.  I am thankful you allowed me to “look into your eyes”.  You have made me a better man seeing through “your eyes”.  I am a better husband, father and lover because you granted me the courtesy of looking at life and the world through “your eyes”.  I no longer fear anything in this world; I can look into “your eyes” and sorrow grief and anger are washed away without a touch.  I like your touch too. 

I am still that shy boy you met one day on the playground.  You looked me in the eye and asked if I wanted to play with you.  I nodded as you reached for my hand and I have followed since.  You have always looked me in the eye.  No matter the despair of the words before you, you looked me in the eye.  I learned this from you.  I am proud to look another in the eye.  I may only be a messenger, but I am a carrier of good will and I will look you in the eye…no matter what.  I will give you the truth.  I have too.  You have given me the same every time I looked into “your eyes”. 

I will fade back into this hallowed landscape we call earth one day.  I will however leave an impression and footprint here; “because you invited me to look into your eyes”.  I will never be alone because I have looked into “your eyes”.  In that last passing moment and breath I know “I will be looking into your eyes”.  I have nothing to fear.         
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