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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1628207
part two of Baskerville Hybrids
Baskerville Hybrids 15 years later

    My name is Melony, and I am alone in this world. My aunt died a week ago. She was the only family I had; she saved me from a gruesome fate. The dogs took her, like the rest of my family.
    The funeral was lonely. Me, the priest, and the casket. When he left I sat and cried. I was alone. No one to run to, only the memory of the blood stained dog. I drove back to town. I was only 16, so I needed a foster home, so says the social security worker. They were nice enough. “Hello Melony. I hope your feeling better.” Said my new ‘mom’. It sounded like she was asking about the weather. The last person I ever cared about just died, bitch.
      About two feet of paper later we were on the road. I didn’t look out the window until we pulled in the drive. I screamed. She turned around, surprised. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
  “This house. Why did you bring me here?” I screamed at her.
“This is your new home. What’s the matter?” she asked, completely confused. I took a few deep breaths then said” my whole family besides my aunt died in the backyard.”
    “oh.” Was her only response, like she hadn’t guessed the reason for low price? I stayed in that god forsaken house for two weeks, but I couldn’t take it. I walked outside and sat on the cedar wood deck. The shed was still their. “Honey.” I heard her call. She walked out on the deck.
“No. Get that out of here, I don’t want it.” I said.
    “Honey you need to face your fears.” she responded.
“No, I don’t, okay. My whole family was ripped apart by dogs; I’m not going to take care of one.” I yelled at her. It barked at me. The stupid little mutt barked at me. He looked like a wolf with his teeth gleaming in the morning sun.
    By my 17th birthday the dog was almost four feet tall. I didn’t like him, but I tolerated him. She named him Jeffy. On top of the shed became my favorite place. “Honey, Jeffy needs to go for a walk.” She said handing me the leash. “He loves the forest over the hill.” She said.
  “Oh, you mean the forest nourished by the blood of my relatives. Okay.” I said sarcastically.
  As I entered the woods I felt I was being watched. I stayed on the trail, Jeffy beside me the whole time. I stopped in the clearing for a break. I bent down to get my water bottle when I heard Jeffy growl. I turned around, the blood stained dog stood beside Jeffy. “Oh, god. Why didn’t I see this coming?” I said “Jeffy, come here boy.”  He leaped at me, knocking me to the ground. Jeffy grabbed my ankle and dragged me into the woods.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1628207