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In progress

Work in Progress

I was watching the cable news channels the other day and somewhere in Times Square there was this neon sign that said "Work In Progress".  I don't know if this was the name of some store there in NYC, or just a pedestrian warning because there was construction all around.  The phrase "work in progress" got me to thinking.  I can tell this beginning has already got you thinking.

Work in progress, what a great phrase!  I think we should all have this stamped on our foreheads, or maybe a button we put on lapel every morning, or one of those nifty little yellow wrist bands (Live Strong...go Lance) to wear that states..."work in progress".  Isn't that life in itself?  Work in progress, from the womb to the tomb, we are forever changing, growing, and bettering ourselves and the planet.  Some of us that are.  Still I want seven of those T-shirts hanging in my closet.  One for each day, each day to remind us this.  We are not perfect, some more, some less, but still we are working on it.  God forgives. God has patience, why not us?  Most of us are constantly striving to better ourselves, and in need of support.  We should really take this to heart to build our fellow man and woman, "Work In progress".

Now I can already sense the flaring of the nostrils,  the climbing mercury in the patience thermometer (not patient...I am not going to even address the next part of that thought, cause many might wish to tell me where to stick this story), the enough is enough, attitude that sometimes colors and dictates our world of thought.  I know all the procrastinators are loving these words, I am not talking to you.  I am appealing to the human nature that exists in all of us. That, because… the sun, the moon, the stars, your monthly cycle, (yeah guys too), get out of alignment, our panties get in a wad, or Mt Redoubt is about to blow and make us doubt the the world we live in and the people around us.  I am guilty as charged!!!  I too have those moments, when I let the petty flame the anger and the not so pretty comes from my mouth and actions.  We all have that steam cooker built into our personality, it is just that some of us have larger vessels (don't even go there), more volume or so to heat up before the lids blows.  Am I wrong here?

So from this day forward I think we should write, wallpaper, brushstroke and put those sticky notes all around us "Work in Progress" as a, daily, hourly, minutely reminder to us.  For those of you that are going to make the T-Shirts and wrist bands, I want my royalties.  But more than that I want to awaken the disingenuous fact that we are somewhere near perfection.  McCartney sang "Live and Let Live", Lennon, "Imagine", Ringo, George (?), and Ashton, gave us "Hey Jude, where's my car?"...Sweet!), now I know you laughed at that, but my hope here is not division, rather an embrace.  In the immortal words of 'Rodney King "Why can't we all get along"?  We will always have gender, race, democraps, republicant's, Catholics, Jews, terrorist, PETA, Greenpeace, peace signs, pelicans, lighthouses, tree houses, ex-spouses and incandesant bulbs.  Maybe if we had a daily reminder, "Work in Progress" a light bulb would go off in our heads and hearts and burn daily.

Strive not for the pedestrian or occupational, rather the entripenurial human spirit “Work in Progress”.
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