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An Acrostic collaboration from myspace CPCCC. Helping me heal emotionally.
Fill Me With Happiness, Color Me With Joy
by Steve Cope
A CPCCC Saturday Share Collab

Fill me with happiness. 
In the midst of the trouble.
Listen to my plea and oh Lord save!
Lift me from the bottomless pit and

Make the heart song ring out again.
Endow, renew, instill in me the Love that

Will always be true, loyal, and not leave me blue.
In all things teach me to say, "You are in control."
Teach me to release anger and bitterness
Halve oh Lord if you wil the hurt, the pain and

Heal me for I cannot do it alone.
A pall has fallen over me and a pain does set in for so long.
Please Lord, in supplication I give this anger to Thee, the
Pain I lay at Your feet and try not to take it up again.
In the wake of being robbed, harmed physically and mentally, my
New life found in You has been slowed, but never bent or tossed away.
Every day there is a new challenge and at many turns I can
See Your hand at work in the way I look at this incident.
Show me Lord anew the act of forgiveness for this "woman" who did this.

         Fill Me With Happiness and replace Lord the bitterness, I pray.

Coming soon and oh so near is the celebration of the Chrsit Child, in a manger,
Oh the sadness there was no room at the Inn for the Savior Your Son truly is.
Looking out into the world behind closed doors; a buffer, a comfort zone; our    hearts are warm.
On too many occasions have the nights been spent cloistered, and never venturing without.
Refusing to see the bad that is before our very eyes.  Seeking to stay within and not go without.

My time in this world of pain, anger, bitterness, and strife has dulled my senses.
Every word written in the collab so far has ministered to this tired weary sole.

Warning me, telling me, cajoling me to think of others and to minister to them as He enables.
In these collabs this writer has found some hope and found some purpose to help others anew.
To turn from within and to turn without, giving rather than taking, and sharing rather than
Hoarding the love that is found in Jesus' saving grace.  So here I give to you beloved collabers,

Joy that is found in helping another.  Visiting a homeless shelter and feeding so many.
Opening the doors in a Food Pantry and feeding your neighbors, one bag at a time.
Yes and in humble submission this writer does submit the gift he has been given and praying to

Fill you with happiness, and cover you with joy, through this glimpse into what these collaborations do to help those who read them with an open heart and mind.
In this Christmas season my prayer to the Lord for each and everyone of you is that you will find that one write that turns a corner for you and helps you find a way to exit the highway of pain and puts back on the straight path of joy and happiness pure.
Collaborators: Cheryl and Copenator.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all from Your servant in Christ.
Copenator out!
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