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The Dallas county Sherrifs dept. Swat Team has a training film of me.


B.B. guns's
Hell yes!
30 years ago, age 25...
I lived in an old farm house on 40 acres, {$85. rent}.
Me and my young hounds hunted squirrels all the time.
They were not 'coon-broke' yet however
so we hunted during the day.

Every night after dinner as I sat
'in the kitchen'
with my BB gun right right beside me,
and I would get a few beers in me,
and was feeling good,
I would pick up the gun and shoot at targets
'thumb tacked' to a cardboard box with magazines in it
'for a backing'.
I'd shoot and shoot,
mostly during the T.V. commercials.
{The targets were pages torn from old magazines
with peoples faces on them}
When the TV would come on I would usually stop.

Boys, this went on and on,
for years, I would empty the BB gun,
get the BB's back out of the box and shoot them again,
and again and again.
Right eye!
got him! ...
Take the magazines out of the box,
the BB's all roll to the corner of the box
and can be just poured into ones hand.
I not only got pretty good I became a mastermarksman!
The ammuniton didn't cost anything!
Before I left the '40 acres',
I was using thumb tacks for targets
in the back yard with my old Browning .22.
{Which I still use by the way}

I have shot guns basically all my life,
since I was in the fourth grade.
From friends old, weak, 'hand-me-down' BB guns,
so weak I could see the BB as it went up and up,
towards the first bird I ever shot,
a dove,
and I hit it!
It flapped and flapped down to the ground and my friend went over
and picked the dove up,
and pulled its head off and put the dove in his pocket,
"Lets go get another one"!

We went from BB guns to pellet guns,
.22's, shotguns...
the usual learning process for a kid or young man.

When I moved to where I live now,
and broke my back trying to load a truck full of dirt in 15 minutes
{before dark} my back muscles tore and I could hear them tear!
I was out of work in the lawn sprinkler business forever
but I started hunting again.
Trapping and hunting with my hounds,
{the same ones}
Shooting became more than a sport,
it became a living.

I was in the backyard shooting 'sawn off pieces of 2" x 4" 's'
off a horizonal 2" x 4" nailed to a stump range 37 yards,
with my Browning .22 auto.
My usual target practise.
I was drunk and with 'a broken gun',
{it did wobble pretty bad}
the stock and barrel held together with wire.
I knocked down 12 'blocks',
{the capacity of my tubular magazine}
in 27 seconds, loaded one round underneath the old Browning
and knocked the last one off, which was laying on its side.
Opening the breech and blowing out the barrel smoke
without taking my eyes off the targets.

{Thank you}

I threw three beer cans
{with the last mouth full of foam in them to give them some weight.}
In the air and hit two.
"Two out of three".
"I said as I dropped the can and walked inside
shaking my head"
{Boys I thought I was alone in my back yard
but I was being filmed!}
A year or so later I found out what happened.
And 'my shooting' ...
was what was being investigated.
That was what impressed the Lt. the most.
The can trick.
I told him it was just a trick.
The can goes up,
and stops...
for an instant before it begins its fall.
The trick is just to 'shoot at the right time'.
When it is almost at the top of its arc.
It is basically perfectly still,
like it was siting on a stump.

"You drank three more beer while you were shooting,"
the Sheriff's Lt. told me later.
And 'unbeknownst to me', till then
had been 'filmed' doing the shooting,
which was made into a training video
for the Dallas county Sheriffs department Swat Team!
...and is still in use.

"Jack they were screaming at those guys!
They fired six deputies off the swat team that day!
as being such poor shots as compared to you
they considered them hopeless.
They hate you,
ha ha ha...

My disability judge, 30 years later,
said under his breath to his secretary:
"The military criteria for an 'expert marksman',
calls for the ability to hit a human size target at 100 yards,
every 4 seconds.
"Jack can do it in 2.5 seconds."
"And with a broken gun."
{"He fell off a cliff one night out coon hunting."}
His secretary turned and asked
"how many times"?
Without taking his eyes off me, and with a big smile,
{as the Judge was ex military and had horses too}
"As long as there are bullets in his gun,
then he knows to load one and then fire one. "
"He always knows how many rounds he has in his gun,"
"that swat training film was 25 minutes long "
"and he never dropped the hammer on an empty chamber once!"

Boys, I still feel real proud
'seeing the approval in the Judges eyes'.
Thank you your honor,

"If I had 100 divisions of men like him I could invade China"
"I mean what are they going to do?"
"The Chinese have thousands of divisions."
"But they won't use nukes on their own soil.
"He can out run them and he can out shoot them."
"We would go from one border to another
stopping only to fill our vehicles and take a leak."
"Eat a sandwich or something,"
"turn around and go back."
Ha Ha...

Anyway, redd_420_20
Hell yes,
I love BB guns,
and was trained by one.
'A daisy.'

Shooting BB guns,
'trains one in all of the basic skills of shooting'.
I have been writing a book about the subject since 2001.
One trains ones self to have the gun in one's subconscious mind.
Its weight, the sights, the ammo,
to not think words to oneself.
To always have the rifle...
and the target in 'ones minds eye'.
Weather you have the gun in your hands or not!
Everything you see for the rest of your life
will be through the sights of your rifle.
Ingrain your rifle sights up 'ones vision'
like an 'plastic overlay' picture...
You don't have to think.
You are then trained.

Thank you

J. Winters von Knife

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