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'I realized they were my own frozen breath' 'Little clouds that just floated there'

The Breath Fog Story

I was out hunting one night and the dogs bayed a coon
down on the creek.
When I got there they were down in the 40’ deep dry creek bottom.
I could see them raising hell and as I tried to shoot
a dog would get in the way!
I would wait till an opportune moment
and raise old squirrel grabber
and a dog would get in the way!
The battle would rage on and the coon was surrounded
and the dogs were howling enough to wake the dead!
I would see an opening and this time as I raised old grabber…
A strange thing happened.

It was fog!
I couldn’t see to shoot so I moved around and saw a shot
and raised my .22 and again!
I couldn’t see!
I repeated this over and over.
Finally I thought to myself ‘what the fxxx’!
I had been absorbed by the action going on
and had not really paid attention.
I wondered why a fog would be here and not there.
I stopped and looked down the upper creek bank
and saw four or five little clouds!
They were not moving or dissapating,
they were just sitting there!

I realized they were breath clouds
and they were my frozen breath
but with no wind they would not move
but they just floated there,
five little breath clouds about 4' in diameter, all in a row!
They were one of the most beautiful and unusual sights
I had ever seen
and I had been hunting 40 years!

When reported 'dead' after my motorcycle wreck
{They can't change a police report, so I guess I am still dead...}

I remember God reading my memories,
and focusing on the breath cloud story.
He 'musta liked that one' because
he specifically sent me back to experience more .

J. Winters von Knife

{need a knife?}

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