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This is a short piece explaining how I feel about the idea of race.
         I’m a person that becomes very troubled when individuals start talking about culture, race, and heritage.  Personally, I feel that this is how racism starts; these topics lay the groundwork for hate and intolerance.  I see no difference between myself and any other animal of the same species.  Color means nothing, geographical location means nothing, and belief means nothing.  We are all the same.
         This idea became painfully obvious to me when I thought about getting sick.  When a person gets sick and goes to the doctor, there aren’t special antibiotics for White people, Black people, and Chinese people that none of the others can take.  We get sick, go to the doctor, get our prescription (the same one that millions of other people have taken), take our medicine, and heal up. 
         Take getting a headache for example; most people have had at least one.  We all, for the most part, have gone to the pharmacy or another store that sells aspirin.  Now, has anyone ever seen a bottle of aspirin they couldn’t buy because their race caused negative side effects?  Has anyone ever seen an aspirin that was specifically for Caucasian humans or for Indonesian humans only?  No, and we won’t because we are all the same with some slight variations.  There is no African-American medicine that an African from Africa or an American from America couldn’t take because they weren’t specifically African-American. 
         This proves, to me, how ludicrous the idea of race is.  Now I know there are some who are thinking about a particular condition like sickle-cell anemia, but that is not a “black-only” disease.  There is no such thing as “whatever race-only” disease, just like there is no such thing as “whatever race-only” medicine.  Anyone can get sickle-cell anemia, it is a genetic mutation. 
         We are all animal members of the same species, we are one race: the Human race.  I just hope people realize this before everyone kills everybody else because of differences that don’t exist.
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