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'My personal recipe for Pizza' {I have been making Pizza for 'thirty years'}

Homemade pizza

Pizza Dough,

High glutin flour is $12.00 a 50 Lb sack,
from Roma wholesale resturant supply.
{used to be $8.50, 20 years ago.}
Glutin used to be in all flour,
in fact my Dad made kites when he was a kid from newspaper and sticks
with glue made from flour and water.
But flour now has all the glutin removed.
Glutin makes the dough chewy and tough.

For an average size pizza for one person,
{ie. 10".}
Half cup water in dough bowl.
Just hydrate yeast, let it sit on top of the water 15'.
Then corn oil or olive oil if you can afford it.
A good bit of oil {I don't measure it} say two tablesthingys.
Salt, sugar, and stir in flour till the dough is still wet and sticky,
{and not dried out,} as it will rise 3-4 hours.
Kneed the dough for 10 minutes by the timer,
cover with towel and shake the dough till it rolls around in the bowl every hour.
Keep covered with two doubled over towl's.

When your ready to eat,
ie. drunk enough and starving,
turn on the oven.
When the oven is at about 500 degrees,
pick up dough and let gravity pull the dough down as you turn it.
Lay dough down on well oiled pan and roll it out with a clean beer bottle,
I prefer green glass.
Take the pizza and fold it over and over again till it is 3/4 of a circle.
Corn meal all under it,
open and build the pizza on the wooden peal.
Sauce, cheese, veggies and spices.
Transfer to the pizza stone with the peal and set the timer
for 17 minutes.

One big clove of garlic,
slice and fork it all up and spread on crust.
{some times I use olive oil and make a garlic pesto}
Then sauce, I like hunts tomato sauce in a can.
Then cheese,
lots and I prefer Mexican mozzerella
and a little cheddar.
Then vegetables,
Then spices,
{oregano, salt, red pepper,}

17 minutes at 500 degrees, on 'top' oven rack.
While the chef, you, drinks a couple of more brewski's.
Let pizza sit for a few minutes so when cut
the cheese stays on the pizza.
Serve with Parmesian cheese,
{as expensive of a parmesian as you can find}
pepperocini's, and Alpino spicy pizza topping,
{on the side}
Highly recommended!



Thank you

J. Winters von Knife

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