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What happens when you have faith in the sanctity of a moment ?
My car was halted by a police constable at a distance of a few miles from the temple.This was probably done to manage the large crowd that came pouring in during this auspicious month of 'Shraawan' (a month in the season of monsoon ,when devotees fast on every monday to appease Lord Shiva).

This temple is situated in a small town in the northern region of India ,along the banks of holy river Ganges.Devotees throng the temple in large number and during the month of 'Shraawan' ,it is impossible to estimate the number of devotees visiting the temple.

I parked my car and started walking towards the temple.It was drizzling ,and the tiny droplets of rain appeared to be singing a song.A gentle breeze was blowing and the trees ,along the sides of the road ,appeared to be dancing to its tune.The whole atmosphere appeared to be in oneness with the divinity.An atmosphere of serenity prevailed.And I walked towards the temple marvelling at this beautiful sight.

My stream of thoughts was broken by the sound of a wailing kid.I noticed a small boy , who was around five years old and dressed rather shabbily.He was essentially among thousands of socially and economically underpriviledged people.But wasn't he too young to realise this?The moment I looked into his eyes I was moved by the innocence reflected in them.He was gazing at the tumbler in my hand.The tumbler was full of milk and I realised that he was hungry.But how could I give him the milk ?Afterall ,it was meant for the purpose of worship.My hands trembled each time I  tried to do so.

My conscience was crippled by my own thoughts.I gave him a Rs.5 coin and proceeded further.I tried to console myself with the thought that I had done my bit by giving him some money.And that he could buy something to eat with that money.But all of my attempts to console myself proved to be futile.

My heart ached as I remembered that moment.Certainly ,God wouldn't have punished me if I had given him the milk.Our holy books are full of instances where divinity has sacrificed itself for the sake of humanity.Then why would Lord deter us from serving our fellow beings.It is our parochial attitude that has confined God to churches,mosques and temples.God resides in our hearts.And breaking someone's heart cannot be rendered below anything less than a sacrilege.

And what if that boy was my son or brother ?I would have certainly not done the same.Why do our beliefs ,morals and principles are different for different people.Irrespective of the fact that we worship him by different names ,God is equally benevolent ,loving and just to all.So, he expects us to rise above age-old customs and traditions,superstitions and spiritual dogmas instead of falling prey to them.But these customs and traditions are so deep-rooted in our minds,that we mostly refrain from doing the right thing.

It took me sometime to come upto the right conclusion and take the right decision.As I retraced my steps to search for that kid ,Iknew that it was today when I was worshipping my God in real sense.Thus,it was not only that moment but also the faith in the sanctity of that moment, which introduced me to my true religion-'Humanity'.

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