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        Every country, town and goverment had become enslaved to the
    heathen ways of the Anti-Christ. Democracy and technology had been
    corrupted by greed and pornography. No sense of modesty was left.
    All manner of demonology was practice; even human sacrifices.

        In these evil times arose Saint Alphonso. "Let us do with all our heart!
  To God we leave the care of the future." he declared. Alphonso was born
  to wealthy demonologist, who sold sex robots. The Saint wrote many
  texts on robotic design. "The employment of the world, which aims at
  nothing but amusements, forget the important affair: the business of eternity."
  Saint Alphonso wrote in the preface of  "Synthetic Booty." His parents
  business repulsed him, but it afforded him a small preface to their readers.

      In every age there are visionaries. Saint Alphonso promissed the people
  the ultimate amusement. Domanatrix was his masterpiece. She could alter
  her shape and fullfill any fanatasy. "The soul is her food, no power
  is loss within her." the Saint wrote in the preface of Domanatrix's manual.
  The sales of Domanatrix were beyond expectation. "Do you long to suffer
  unimaginable pain?" the advertisement read. Bitter tortures filled the
  market place. The merriment lead to slaughter. The challenge of the Saint
  had martyred every client. "Do you wish to be safe in the pleasures and
  happy in the troubles of the world? Paradise! Is a heavenly desire!" the
  Saint proclaimed at his trial.

      He was sentences to serve as a "Pentential" in a Domanatrix'
  factory. His wounds were healed with nearby medical robotics.
  "No, no; increase my tortures! Release me from this wicked world!"
  Saint Alphonso pleaded. So profiscient were his physicians; his torments
  were endless. A great multitude of people viewed his telecast penance.
  The Saint had attained a great audience. "Learn from example! And live
  a better life!" he spoke in great humilations under the Domanatrix.
  Some were moved to tears, most were amused.

  Reflections: The perfect fulfillment of the law could be the work of corrupt

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