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Who is sleeping in the streets of England, from Prince William to Pauper.
With the National Coalition for the Homeless, the National Consumer Advisory Board and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council encourage communities to conduct public events on December 21 remembering your neighbors who have died homeless in the past year.
This comes at the time of recognizing homelessness on December 21,st 2009. December 23,2009 Price William,from prince to Pauper, William slept a night on a London street for experiencing,what it was like to be homeless, It was his mother who influenced the young Prince. The Prince, who is 27, told the Prince of Wales of his plan to sleep rough. “His father was absolutely thrilled,” Prince William’s spokesman said. “He was very proud of him.” according to sources his bodyguard was stationed discreetly near by. The Prince bedded down with no more than cardboard boxes to ease his discomfort. in an old sleeping bag in a doorway in the City of London, Although he was almost run down by a street cleaner. The Prince said later: “I cannot, after one night, even begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough night after night.” This advocates for more money for the cause.
"But there was no shielding from the bitter cold, or the hard concrete floor, or the fear of being accosted by drug dealers, pimps or those out to give homeless people a 'good' kicking," Obakin said. "For me, it was a scary experience. Out of my comfortable bed. Out there in the elements. Out there on an extremely cold night with temperatures down to 39F (-4 C). And it was the same for Prince William." Centrepoint was a charity close to the heart of William's mother, Princess Diana. She had also been its patron and had taken William along with his younger brother Harry to one of its shelters in 1996.

Centrepoint expressed gratitude at William's dedication to their cause, "Centrepoint is enormously grateful for the support of our patron Prince William who, as this sleep out demonstrates, plays an active role in understanding and supporting youth homelessness and the work we do at Centrepoint."
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