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my first atemp to wrighting. would like to know mostly what you think.
She was wearing a silk gown that brought out her porcelain skin. I watched her from across the room, I watched as the thin black fabric pull when she would take a breath in, It came high to her neck but drop dangerlesy low in the back as she stood talking to the men placing her small glove hand on a upper arm every now and then, she would glace at me and give me the smile that would ceach my breath, to cuss a stop in my heartbeat beneath my barest. Her lips were the dark red of blood, but I knew those lip I knew how soft they were press to mine. I stayed on my side of the room but it killed me to watch her flirt with the men, all I wanted to do was go to her and hold her in my embrace with a kiss that would be talked about till the sky fell, but I stayed my my husband like a good wife and watched as my lover mingled with the men. “Quenith” he whispered “stop staring at them, you’ll make people talk” William said as he broke my thoughts with his stupid words. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was just admiring Miss. Gregory’s gown.” I said as I turn to him with a fake smile of love and adoring for him. To be 100% honest I hate my husband, I mean he’s a great man but to be force to be with a man or anyone you don’t love it cause you to hate them with so much anger. It’s not his fault it’s mine for being a women and not having in place but by my husband and to be a good wife have kids at least one boy so his name goes on, that’s my job.  But what do you do when you want nothing other than to have that Angle the girl that even in black she looks like a the goddess herself standing their tempting you with her Ocean blue eyes her perfect pout lips, she as the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen she skin of a porcelain doll the high cheek bones to that lead your eyes to these ocean blue eyes that you can fall in to and drown. Then to the most perfect little nose not even the goddess have a nose so perfect.  And don’t forget that smile the little up till of her lips that are too much to be a smirk but to little to be a smile, it’s.. She perfect.  “Well it looks like you can tell her here she comes” William say yet again tearing me from my thoughts. as she walks towards us my heart attempts to jump out of my chest to be closer I have to force myself not to run to her as we start to walk to meet her and her husband  Mr. Thomas Gregory’s .
As we meat in the middle of the hall when my eyes cheach her it’s as if we both had the air taken from are lungs. We curtsey to each other never breaking are eye contacts. “Mis.Geforys, how lovely it is to see you, and I must say that gown is stunning, we must meet for tea and have a day on town.” I say half way regain my breath. “Why Mis.Kelly, it is you that’s the lovely sight to see, I would love so much to have a day of town, to trade gossip with” she said with a voice that only angles have. I couldn’t keep the smile from my face to hear her voice. As her hand took mine I thought ther couldn’t be anyone else’s hand I would want more to hold than hers. “Mr.Geforys I believe are wife’s have lost them self in the world of dresses and tea that they can seem to join us men on talk.” My husband say was he takes Mrs.Geforys hand to greet her. He lays a kiss upon her gloved hand and the jelacye hits me Mr.Gefory take my hand to greet me. I tilt my head to knolage the hello but then bring my attion back to my sweet lover. And her wonderers beauty. “Come Mr. Kelly its leave them to gossip about the other women and have are self a drink.” Mr.Gefory  says leading my husband away.
As I watched are husband walk away I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. With my hand still grasped in hers he leads me down the hall almost in a run out to the garden. She beings me almost all the way to the end of the garden once we hit the outside we were in a full on run we only stopped once we hit the dark and the only light was from the stars from above. As are heals hit the stone my heart would beat that much harder, once we stop I try to catch my breath to speak, with my back to a stone wall with Emily standing in front of me breathing as fast as I, once I thought I could speak I parted my lips to say something I can’t remember, once her lips it mine the world stop turning and the only thing that matter was her lip locked with mine the feel of her cheek under my gloved hand. Her left hand slipped up on to my neck to hold us closer, her other hand and mine mimicked each other as we ran down our back to the small of it. We held each other in the embrace what felt like only a second but once are lips part a enough for me to say with a shaky whisper “ oh, Emily” I couldn’t keep the heat the need out of my voice in just her name you could hear the need I had for her. “My sweet Quinth”  she responded with just as much heat in it. 
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