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Abstract-clutter, and attention
                          First Portion: Advertising/Social behavior/ Causes

      I began thinking about the people who speak at meetings, in front of large audiences, and at actual physical events. This is a great form of advertising in my opinion- One of the best. It creates a very personal approach to letting go of an Idea-a thought- a state of mind. It’s quite interesting how small pieces of information will spread off of another Idea/Article and have nothing to do with its own headline story. That makes it very consistent with what a rumor advertises. You see a great deal of this being distributed out among the social networks currently. Personally I enjoy the public speaking part of advertising over the social networking- However I also respect the growing population on our online systems, and I will continue to use them. It can also be very tricky to work around because you have to catch the attention in a respectively different way. Myself being an author and an abstract artist- I have found it very useful to communicate one on one using the social networks. Though sometimes it feels like a social mess that needs zoning- in and outs. To some degree I believe the value of certain work is left unnoticed by rangy clutter that needs cleanup. Does anyone else notice this? This Article was meant to observe advertising and its new found and current direction. I am researching the different forms of advertising. This is so I can advertise my own forms of expression. I’ve been working on a novel for about three years now, and I’m very theatrical on the streets to inform people about my work. Please feel free to respond and tell me your thoughts on modern day advertising. Also I enjoy talking about creative advertising. Thank you.

                                        Happy Sandman
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