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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #1630330
A young Frost Dragon named Laurent got a punishment and is sent to the human realm.
With the strange distorted space in front of me I was feeling hesitant about jumping in. Ms Fedora made it sound as if it was the most normal thing in the world jumping into a transparent black hole like portal. It made a rather deafening sound however it didn't seem to bother Ms Fedora.

"Remember Laurent you must not expose yourself in the human world as a Dragon, there will be dire consequences if you do, although your powers are greatly diminished by King Aran the third, King Aran was kind enough to spare you 30% of your original strength and give you a Scale Cell so you can still communicate with us. A 100 years in the human realm isn't that long Laurent, don't expose yourself and this punishment will go by as fast as a flamed legged rabbit jumps!"

I rolled my eyes thinking which is worst, the fact that I was banished to the seemingly stone age human realm and with it's pathetic excuse of technology for 100 years or Ms Fedora's wierd phrases

"So where am I going to be banished to in the realm Ms Fedora? I heard stories about it being divided into many places"

"You'll be sent to a warm part of the human realm it's called "Asia" there and their realm is named "Earth" so please don't blow your cover the moment you speak now GO!”

With that Ms Fedora pushed me into the distorted space and I realised that the lesson where we had a simulation was nothing compared to the compelling power of the vortex. I realised that when Mr Vexal said that he adjusted the level so that we would experience how a vortex. I already experienced squeezing through a vortex the size of an average human midget. Mr Vexal did say something about some vortexes needing to partial disintegrate so we can flow through it.

It wasn’t long before I dropped into a institute named Bartsmouth Acadamy. These human ways work in appalling ways. Ms Fedora said I’m registered at Bartsmouth Acadamy and it would supply me lodging and a decent education needed for my cover in the realm.

Soon my Scale Cell started ringing and Jesse was calling me.

“ Hey Laurent! I see you made it through the omega vortex cracks! “

“ Tell me about it Jesse, I wish I wasn’t stuck on this punishment! “

“Well no one asked you to take the 1000 year peach fruit that was meant for King Aran”

“ Stop bringing that up! Could you calculate what age am I supposed to be for this institution? “

“Alright.. based on the average puberty level , height, weight, maturity level and brain capacity. I would say 14 human years is an appropriate age for this institution. “

Skies of high heavens, the Ingetium Frost the Ice dragon seeks the magic. Enchant my body to the body of a 14 hormonal teenager

The normal skies darkened and thunder cracked through the skies. Ice Flakes starting swirling around me and I found my ears that were initially sharp like an elf’s but not as much as theirs, becoming round. I reached into my bag and used the chant voice Mirror and I pulled out a mirror. I knew it was a good decision in bringing the bag of calypso that would have anything you ask for as long as you have the voice of chants.

Looking at my human self for the first time I saw that my ears had became round instead of a blunt point, my slit eye pupils had changed into circular milky brown eyes. I had brown hair and had the first feel of human finger nails which felt significantly different from claws.

A human body meant for the human realm was indeed magnificently different from a body that dragons change into all the time. I turned to my Scale Cell and said “ So Jesse how do I look? “

“You look fantastic! For a human.” Said Jesse half giggling.

“What is going on here?!”

A mysterious voice boomed behind me. That’s it my cover’s blown. Before I go I would have to incinerate her to the deepest parts of hell. Something that wouldn’t leave evidence behind.

I started my incantation making sure it was as inaudible taking into consideration that their sense of hear is so minute compared to Dragons

Kneel before the frozen skies

“Aren’t you the new student? Laura was it? What are you doing here? You have a meeting with the principal in 20 minutes and you should be thoroughly ready. I see that your face is as confused as ever, I am the head of the disciplinary committee.”

“Oh I see you’re the head mistress. Pleased to meet you.” I said bowing low making this female human feel respected. A basic bodily reaction.

“I appreciate that your parents has taught you articulate appropriate manners as such. My name is Ms Elle. I expect you to address me as Head Mistress or Ms Elle. Whichever you prefer.”

“I understand Ms Elle. My name is Laurent.”

“I apologise for my mistake Laurent. Oh look at the time. You now only have 15 minutes. Your dorm number is 4412 which is on the fourth floor. Please change into a more formal set of clothes and just to inform you, there is no uniform in this institute however there are certain restrictions that are clearly stated in this handbook. Now off you go”

With the institute’s handbook in hand I bowed again and walked off with a fastened pace. I didn’t want to have to talk to this women again. According to Ms Fedora she already arranged for sufficient clothes to be delivered to my dorm.

Aha here it is. Room 4412. I didn’t think much before entering and a male human was inside.

“Hello you must be Laurent. My name is Caleb, I saw from the window that Ms Elle has already gotten to you, you don’t have to be all formal with me, just to let you know.”

“Nice to meet you Caleb. I’ve got to rush to the principal’s office. So I’ll talk with you another time alright?”

With that I quickly took the first clothes I saw in my luggage and headed to the principal’s office.
When I reached the principal’s office, I gave it two quick knocks and surreptitiously opened the door.

“Ah Laurent you’re here, please do have a seat. The reason I called you here Laurent, is to discuss your class schedule, here is the form for choosing your subjects, please choose wisely.”

“There is another thing Laurent, as a way for students in this institution not to have time to laze around, it is mandatory for each student to choose 1 co-curricular activity, in short CCA. Here’s the list of CCA’s you can choose from. Now off you go.”

How troublesome can this get, choosing my subjects and choosing a CCA? It’s almost like Drane academy back at home. Except it’s much more fun there, with flying lessons and everything. Although I do have to find a quiet place to practise my magic, I’ve heard from some people that without constant use of magic the user’s magic would slowly detoriate. Since I have free time now I should – OOF!
“Hey new kid watch where you’re going!”

I stared at them as I took my things that scattered around me.

“Hey what are you looking at, just because you’re new I’m not going to let you off!”

I sensed trouble was brewing and I started to walk away but this guy grabbed my shoulder and shoved me back.

“Dude, ever heard of me? My name is Garner. I bet you have, you picked the wrong day to bump into me.”

“Actually I haven’t heard of you but pleased to meet you” I smiled to him hoping it would salvage the situation.

“That’s it! You irritate me!” Garner shouted and raised his fist but froze.

I turned around and saw Ms Elle slowly walking over.

“You and me during lunch at noon at the corner of this school, we’ll finish this.” Garner whispered and started walking away.

“Are you in need of an assistance Laurent?” Ms Elle said in the usual formal tone

“No it’s okay Ms Elle, thanks though.”

I looked at my watch and saw it was 11.30, as I entered my dorm Caleb immediately asked me

“You have a fight with Garner?!”

“Yeah I guess, who is he anyway?” I asked without much interest.

“He is a bully that everyone pretty much avoids except his group of lackeys, his big size gives him an advantage so I think that you’ll be in quite a –- “

“I’m not scared Caleb.” I cut him off, I don’t get humans they always think that big size equals strength.

“You’re not scared? Why?”

“He just doesn’t scare me, by the way how did you know I had a fight with Garner?”

“News travels fast” Caleb grinned as he said that.

“Well I guess I better go, it’s close to 12 already.”

Now that I know that this Garner apparently is a bully, I’ll just see how good is he.

“Where is the corner of the school anyway? He didn’t specify which direction or whatever” I asked

“Oh the corner isn’t really the corner, it’s a precaution all students use against the teachers, it’s actually the middle of the school in a basement the teacher’s would use as a shelter against terrorists attack, no teacher would go there on a daily basis because of obvious reasons”

While following Caleb to the shelter I zoned out hearing merely a faint voice, with all those people watching, I wouldn’t be able to use magic to knock Garner out, I would have to use the M form, or people in the human realm would call it martial arts. How troublesome.. I always hated using the M form. After using M form I would always have my internal liquid levels diminished, in other words I would perspire. Being a Frost Dragon does have its perks being able to spit out fire as well as ice although my fire isn’t as strong as a Flame Dragon’s. Being a Frost Dragon I have to maintain my liquid level. Or else I can’t prolong this human transformation. I always thought ---

“Laurent!” Caleb exclaimed as he brought me back from deep thought.

“We’re here.”

“But there’s nothing here”

“Well of course, the shelter is underground” Caleb said as if it’s the most obvious thing, how was I supposed to know that that human shelters are underground.
As Caleb opened the shelter door, I could see some people – no wait it’s a lot of people, is it possible that so many people came to watch such a senseless and meaningless fight?
As I walked in the silence while I could hear a few people whispering however is as loud as someone talking because of the sensitivity of my ears. I could tell they were betting who would win this fight; apparently the majority of who would win is Garner. I might get some entertainment from this.


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