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The story of a very special dog and how she came into our lives.
    Two years  ago on Christmas Eve a special event took place in our household but I am getting ahead of myself. Let me give you a bit of background.

    Our family is a blended family but blended differently than most---sadly by early spousal death not by divorce. My first husband died in 1996 at age 44 and my current husband's first wife died in 1994 also at age 44. Joseph (my husband) and I met at a bereavement seminar and after a wonderful courtship we married in 1998. Joseph has two children a girl, Andrea and a boy, JP and my daughter, Lorraine completed our blended family.

    Although, we did not have many "rules" one rule which Joseph and I thought of as unbreakable was the NO PETS rule. Lorraine is a huge dog lover and Andrea is cat lover so to keep some semblance of "peace" in a home with (at the time) three teens--NO PETS seemed a no brainer.

    It was in September 2007 when my daughter, Lorraine took in upon herself to try to break the NO PET rule and to break us down in the process. She brought home a tiny fawn colored female Puggle (mother -full beagle/father-full pug). The ;puppy was named Zoey and she came to us ONLY as a trial the stipulation was IF we did indeed decide to become pet owners Zoey would NOT be the pet.  She was to be returned to her rightful owners and we would be given and alternate dog--most likely one of Zoey male siblings.

All this was really a moot point as there was no way any dog was becoming a permanent member of our family. We were hell bent on NOT having a pet and especially a dog with all its inherent "hard work" of training so much so that my husband refused to even LOOK at Zoey-in fear of falling in love with a cuddly furry cute little puppy.

    It was actually comical in the beginning to watch Joseph hold tiny little Zoey in his arms but NEVER look down at her as if he feared for his life ---actually a better term would be feared for his HEART. There was no way he was chancing falling in love with a dog.

    I, too, had my misgivings but each time Zoey would be brought to our home for a "visit" I found myself quite attracted to the little ball of fur. My daughter repeatedly "warned" me not to get attached to Zoey she was just there as an "example" of life with a Puggle puppy would be like--she would be replaced by one of her littler mates if we decided to become pet owners.

    As luck should have it, though, something amazing was happening--i was falling in love with Zoey. It felt as if a new born baby was in our home and she brought an unexplainable warmth and love to our family. When time came to decide I was the one who said NO DOG EXCEPT Zoey could be brought into our home as our pet. By this time even my husband was breaking down---Zoey was already starting to show a personality that was just unresistable.

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