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More magic is displayed in Chapter 2!
Apparently Garner didn’t want to waste any time and he quickly charged forward and tried to land a punch on me but I dodge away easily. Maybe I was wrong maybe this would be no different from fighting an infant dragon. I could hear the people from the background starting to cheer as Garner tried to land several punches in hope of getting me in my stomach but I dodged all of it without much effort. His moves are based purely on strength and head on tactics. No sign of strategic movements. I should have known better then to expect a human student to be able to think before he throws any punches.

“This is getting old Garner.” With that I used my leg sweeping him down from the back and grasping his neck and pushing him down.

“It’s over.”

So much for not attracting attention.

“Holy cow Laurent, I really underestimated you.”

Come to think about it I haven’t used any spells besides my transformation to a human

“That was barely a warm up; anyway I’m going to explore around the school.”

The best thing I could think of to get my powers used to the environment is to change into my real form. I walked around the campus searching for a remote area where there isn’t anyone, so far the best is in a cave where only my eyes can see it’s contents. I removed my clothing so that I wouldn’t rip it when I phase and I started my chant

Ways of transformation; true form, PHASE

For the first time in the human realm I phased into a Frost Dragon, the speed of the transformation was significantly slower due to the human atmosphere that I wasn’t used to.

My claws were the first to appear, brutally sharp. Then my skin started to become Icy blue, I could no longer balance on two legs, my jaw began to bulge out taking the shape of the snout, my tail started growing out of my human abdomen and my size began to slowly increase, finally my back bent inwards and my wings shot out and spread itself. And all this took place in about 1 minute 30 seconds. Usually I could phase in less than 5 seconds.

Flapping my wings and I began to take off exploring the cave as deep as it went, it was too risky and too near to the institute to fly in the skies. I flew around projecting my thoughts to the surrounding bats that projected their thoughts back. Apparently I wasn’t the first dragon they had seen, so they weren’t surprised and continued to slumber, I constantly breathed Ice along the way so I would not have to waste time finding my way back. The cave was impossible to explore fully even for a dragon unless given ample time there was so many twists, holes and turns. There were quite a few animals here although I was quite sure they haven’t learned how to talk in the human realm but communication wasn’t a problem to a dragon when he or she can project their thoughts and allow the receiver to project it back.

I peeked out of a hole and saw the shadow casted by the sun, it was already approximately 5 in the evening I lost track of the time from exploring the cave, No matter how long a dragon flies or can fly it would never get bored of it. The adrenaline would never be lost. I reluctantly made my way back to the entrance and called it a day. Just as I was about to leave the cave I thought I felt the presence of another dragon, or maybe it’s just the few strange reactions when a dragon comes to a unfamiliar environment. Maybe I shouldn’t have used up all my magic for today so fast, with the human transformation, full dragon transformation and the transformation back to a human took way too much, having 30% of my usual magic is way too little.

Suddenly my Scale Cell started ringing and it was Jesse again.


“I can’t believe you hung up on me and never called me back man!”


“Sorry, I got caught up in the institution and it kinda slipped out of my mind”

“Its’ okay man I forgive you as I’m being the magnanimous dragon that I am”

“Jess, if you could see my eyes right now it would be rolling”

Jesse chuckled and almost instantaneously changed his tone and said

“Alright back to the real reason why I called you, the sensor team has sensed traces of dark magic not from you but from the place around you.”

“Well I didn’t exactly see anything however I sensed a dragon in a cave near the institute and I thought it was just me so I left.”

There was a few seconds of silence before Jesse started talking again

“Laurent, someone wants to speak with you”

“Laurent, this is Chief Commander Gamma, the dark magic’s sudden presence has blocked all tamed black holes and for the time being we can’t send any Dragons over, I will arrange special instructions to be sent to your institution to inform them of your absence, you are to go back to cave and seek out the source of the dark magic and if possible destroy the source or teleportation would be impossible. Can I count on you on this?”

“Commander Gamma I’m not sure if I’m ready for this kind of mission.”

I couldn’t be sure whether I was ready or not, usually sources of dark magic would come from extremely powerful beings or the dark magic would slowly consume them, if the beings are strong enough to overcome its’ darkness the powers grant the user powers beyond imagination these beings are then classified as Darkars.

“Listen Laurent, the whole of the magical realm could be in danger if a Darkar is rising, sensors indicate its power levels is not as powerful as the weakest Darkar, so it’s safe to infer that this Darkar is either trying to summon the dark magic or already trying to control it, so do you realize the importance of this?”

The way Commander Gamma was putting this is shows that he’s not going to let me say no, but me.. going up against a Darkar, even if it’s still trying to become a full fledged Darkar it must be extremely powerful for it to attempt to transform into one.

“Yes I understand Commander Gamma, I’ll find the Darkar and try my best to eradicate it. However I will need to be at my full power.”

“Very well, we will appeal to King Aran to release your 70% of powers as soon as possible, please set out as soon as you have received your powers, Gamma out”

Although even being a young dragon, there’s no guarantee who would win in a fight against a Darkar. I quickly searched a for a lake so that the moist air would allow me to regain the magic that I have lost today. Suddenly I heard a twig snap behind me.

“Who’s there?!” I snarled.

“Relax Laurent it’s just me! Caleb!”

“Oh, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing by the lake? It’s already 11 and Ms Elle sent me out to look for you!”

“I was just – “

I was interrupted by an unnatural earthquake, everything was breaking and the floors were cracking and the feeling of Darkness was stronger than ever, the first feeling that would strike into every heart in its presence was fear. It’s here.. The Darkar
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