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This poem is based on a true story that just recently happened. (Yay!)
The Christmas present sat alone upon a wicker chair,
Wrapped and ribboned beautifully, and sparking with flair.
Four days after Christmas Eve, and unopened it sat,
With family members bustling past it; first this way, then that.
Wasn't this to be the day for this present to shine?
Hadn't people planned this day to be their Christmastime?
It'd seen the other celebrations, heard the children's laughter,
Knowing that its time would come so very shortly after.
But now the family ran around, grabbing items up and down,
Packing up and shouting out - What could this be all about?
Her water broke? It's time to go?
Forget the gifts? Forget the show?
The Christmas present sat alone for twenty-four more hours,
Before it got stuffed in a bag, next to a bunch of flowers.
And when it surfaced once again, it recognized the home.
Behind a pile of baby clothes it hastily was thrown.
It watched with dread as family members bustled here and there,
Building baby furniture with urgency and care.
Unwrapping other presents - other presents! - merrily,
Displaying pink and yellow toys and baby clothes with glee.
Among the craze, the Christmas present heard a sister say,
"We brought along the Christmas presents. Should they go or stay?"
"She told me, at the hospital," the father did admit,
"She told me what she got for me. I needn't open it."
The Christmas present's paper heart was all but torn in two.
Its destiny had been destroyed; its valor thrown askew.
And after all that patient waiting - how could it be so foiled?
Its purpose was to cause surprise, and now its fun was spoiled!
The sister dragged it roughly from its spot behind the mess,
Presenting it so casually with, "Here it is, I guess."
The present's stressed recipient regarded it with pride,
And said, "You know, I can't remember what's to be inside!"
The Christmas present's paper heart did leap with newfound joy.
Its destiny would NOT be stolen from this girl or boy!
It finally would have the chance to be a Christmas gift,
And to give this brand new father's heart a loving, thoughtful lift.

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