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by amber
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Drama · #1631535
Macy's family has crumbled under the weight of infidelity and lies. Can she trust again?
  From: Macybear021@aol.com
      To:  Super_snickers55@yahoo.com
Subject: I hate this already!

Dear Sarah,
         This sucks! Let me tell you about this dump of a town. It is in the middle of NOWHERE. We literally passed four farms just getting to the house, which is really big. It’s actually really nice and looks way out of place out here but you know dad. You’re probably wondering if we are speaking…we’re not. I can’t really think of him the same way after the divorce. I know you can’t either. I’m just glad that I am only here for 3 weeks, and then back home to city! This is going to be the worst Christmas ever. Omg! His fiancé is a complete snob. I didn’t know they had prostitutes in the country:] Lalia’s daughter isn’t any better; she is this little uptight girl who travels like an hour away to go to some private school for “special” kids. She’s special alright. I have a feeling I’m going to end up punching her in the face before this is over, to be truthful. Oh man, please email me back ASAP. You’re going to be my life line for winter break.
Love ya lots!

Macy Brooks
Put on a Smile, President
Rockwell High School



         Macy closed her laptop and looked around the guest room. Perfect, Deer antlers hanging from the walls and cobwebs in the corner. Macy looked over at the digital clock on the corner of the dresser. 5:15 P.m. She noticed a piece of paper taped to the back of the bedroom door. Macy read the title and already knew there was going to be a problem. Rules and Regulations. “What am I getting into?” She didn’t read past the title, instead she ripped the paper off of the door and threw it into the trashcan. “MACY!” she heard her father scream from the bottom of the steps. She slowly opened the door and walked to the top of the steps. “Yes?” she said with a blank look. “Dinner is ready but you should have known that if you read the paper on your door.” Macy rolled her eyes and made her quick descend down the staircase. As she rounded the corner Lalia jumped in front of her and grabbed her into a hug. “Okay, I know I showed you to your room but I feel like we have so much to learn about each other, I made my world famous Macaroni and cheese for dinner, I hope you like it.” Macy stared at Lalia like she is insane. Damon grabbed Macy’s shoulders, “I’m sure she will love it. Take a seat over here Macy.” Macy sat down and began to fidget with her fork and glass. “So I heard that you are really involved in charity work, my school did a fashion show last year, we rose like $20,000 to go towards our art center.” Sandie says with a smile.

         “Oh, that’s cool. I created my own charity. It involves about 415 students from different schools across my county. Every year I pick three organizations, one local, one at state level and then one international that we sell merchandise that is color coded and specialized for each organization. I’ve been doing it since middle school; to date we have donated over $125,000 to various organizations...that matter.” Macy’s dad clanked his glass against his plate. Lalia cleared her throat and smiled at Macy. “Uhm, Damon also told me that your mother works as a high end event planner, seems exciting. I can imagine she isn’t home very much, that’s not good for you and your sister.” Lalia said. Macy raised her eyebrows and smirked at Lalia, making her squirm a little in her chair. “Oh yeah, my sister and I would through wild orgies in the- Damon loudly moved his chair away from the dinner table. “Macy, may I talk to you in the living room…now.” Macy giggled and walked into the other room.

         “Macy, what do you think you are doing?” Damon said looking at her in disappointment. “Dad, do you not hear the way they are talking to me? Sandie is already tying to seem like the better child and to be frank Lalia is a bitch.” Macy angrily whispered at her dad, while making glances back to the kitchen. “Stop! Right now, shut up. You will not speak about my family like that, you’re going to go back in there and you are going to be pleasant!” Damon said with a sigh. Macy walked past him back into the kitchen and sat down.

         When she sat down in her seat Sandie was gone and there was a copy of the paper that had been on the back of her door where her plate once was. “Any questions about the rules?” Lalia said in a light bouncy tone. “Actually, yes. There seems to be a curfew on here and a bedtime. I am not seven years old. Oh and why is there a line for my signature? I’m not really going to put my name to this.” Macy said crossing her arms over her chest.
Damon cut a look at Lalia and then nodded his head. “Well Macy, you’re not eighteen either, so your signing the paper. You are to be home by ten and in bed by eleven. That’s it. You’re not at home where you are free to roam the city and go to clubs and be crazy. Besides there is snow on the ground and the closest club is an hour and a half away.” Macy couldn’t stand her dad when he tried to be a “father.” She picked up the pen next the paper and scribbled on the signature line, folded the paper and handed it to Lalia. “Thank you.” She said with a tight smile. Macy stood up to go back into her room when the doorbell rang. 
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