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A poem inspired by the motion picture "The Wrestler."
My music plays as I walk out the curtain.
It's a simple guitar riff, but very recognizable.
This whole night is a contrast to 20 years ago.
My life was a lot different than this one.
I was always selling out huge arenas every night.
Now I can barely sell out a tiny armory.
It doesn't even matter if my mug is on the poster.
It's funny since my face doesn't even match the poster
Back then I was a rugged and handsome man
Now I'm just scarred and weathered looking
It's hard to believe I'm that same person
As I look around, the smell of cheap beer permeates
Some things just never change, do they?
I look at the crowd and see there are some children
Twenty years ago these kids would be cheering me
Fast forward now, and these kids don't know me
Some see me in a negative light
They think I'm a drugged out and washed up has-been
By the end of the night though, I'll promise one thing
This has been will still get them up on their feet.
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