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by dnd
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A soap opera I created. ( In script form ).
Episode 1 " Introduction "

The following continuing drama takes place in Notwholville. Although the village does have A royal family, we will not be following thier lives. Instead, we will be following the lives of the other citizens.

Debra Roquen Lackoo:

Born: 1950

Occupation: Interior decorator

Brief history: After graduating college, Debby married her rich boyfriend Vince Lackoo (1945). Soon after that, they had twins. They named them Gwen and Goldie. (1970)
Debby has an older brother named Larry (1945) and a younger sister named Peggy (1965). Both are married with kids.

Larry Roquen is married to Sasha Glamour, and they have a son together named Brian.

Peggy Roquen Ballet was married to Roger Ballet and have quadruplets together. ( Andy, Randy, Cindy, and Mindy )  (1985)
Peggy is now institutionalized, and Roger is in jail.
Debby has custody of the teens.

Debby is now divorced, due to her radical behavior while her twins were in high school.
Debby had an unhealthy obsession with becoming "Queen of the village"  This resulted in Goldie running away at the age of 15.

Raya Cimini Echos:

Born: 1980 

Occupation: Hotel chef

Brief history: Daughter of Debby's sworn enemy, Elizabeth Yearwood Cimini (1950). and Max Cimini.(1945)
She also has a brother named Rolland.

Raya started out as a good kid, but turned into a troubled teen. You could say Raya got mixed up with the wrong crowed, namely Lee-Anne Echos. Lee-Anne is about 5 years older then Raya, and she used to sneak her into bars. They were also acomplished jewel thieves.
Raya has since married Lee-anne's brother Leonard Echos, and had a son with him named Tommy.
They are now divorced because Leonard was abusive towards Raya, and she now is a single mother.
She and her son live in the hotel she works at.

Arthur Salads:

Born: 1940

Occupation: CEO of Salad INC.

Brief history: Married to Roger Ballet's older sister Beverly Ballet Salads. They have three children together. Wonda Salads (1965) is a P.I, Zachery Salads (1985) A medical student, and Alexia Salads (1990) a high school studant.

Siblings: Clarence Salads (1946) and Samantha Salads Koonras.(1960) 

Beverly's Sibs: Roger Ballet (1965) and Tiffany Ballet Koonras (1955) Tiffany is known as the town tramp. She has twins sons:
Fredrick Koonras and Hershel Koonras (1970)

Samantha has six: Jessi-lu (1975), Jacob (1980), Ricky (1985), Telly (1990), Trevoir (1993) Ella (1996).

As one can see, almost everyone is interconnected.
There will be more to come, so stay tuned every week night for a new episode.

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