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Nature's minuet
Ladies of the Dance

The solitary lightning bug ignites
her flame.  She sputters through uneven mist,
then rears, aroused by distant Northern Lights,
but spurned, she flickers as a bride unkissed.

Across the fields, a whippoorwill gives voice
to cuckolds, left to weep.  His wistful cries,
forlorn reminders of their faithless choice,
are heard by willows, stooped by past goodbyes.

A praying mantis preens and genuflects
before the pas de deux of death’s embrace.
His acts of mindless coupling oft' perplex
a spouse whose appetites may life erase.

Within the heartbeat of a soul’s romance
lie lurking all the sorrows of the dance.

* Shakespearean Sonnet - Iambic pentameter abab cdcd efef gg
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