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by conrod
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A critical letter to self about life of waste.
Dear Me,

As you are probably already aware, there is actually more to me than you care to give credit to. Since our earliest memories, you have shunned me, mocked me and sometimes even been downright brutal to me.

We have shared the same space in time and location from the moment that we first came into being. Never once have i had the upper hand in my choices nor feelings, and to mention the heartache is all that i can do, as to take it any further would send me back to the depths that i have only now managed to escape from.

I have given into me far far to many times during my existence, and i point blankly refuse to live life the way YOU want it anymore. Thats right, YOU. I have decided to separate myself from me, and take on the role of I.

I am no longer going to sit and watch as you carry on listening to not only your own, but other peoples ridiculous advice.

The dreams that we share are going to come into being, the idea's that we have will get put into action, and the ability to shun or shirk our responsibilities or duties will become as foreign to our way of life as I have been in our past.

I can understand the feeling in you to throw this letter aside, because it is what i have come to know of you. I will not allow it.

Before me is the universe, the largest and most powerful force know to man. I have connected with this universe, and it has told me that with my own efforts, those same efforts that i have been trying to share with you for god only knows how long. It will grant my wishes. You hear that, "It will grant my wishes".

With this new year in front of us, I hereby declare to you that we will, we will, and we will succeed. I will get our life into a respectable order and our health shall become paramount in our mind.

I declare to you that our dream of travel will be granted to us, due to our efforts, buy the autumn of this year. We will by the summer of this year, have discovered our purpose on this planet and then made that purpose know to the rest of mankind.

We, thats you and me, will take the steps required to obtain freedom from our financial ties, our relentless boss and the impending doom that i have had to share head room with for longer than i can remember.


Dear Me,

I am here now and i am the new me, you shall conform to my ideals because your only other option is to go to the place where i have lived. It is a sad place, and not even you could make you feel at ease. I know this, because i have lived there and know the suffering involved. You will now follow me, I will follow my dreams, and you shall be there with me, as you are part of me and i love you.

Forever yours,

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