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The first chapter to my book Prey for Death. Read it and tell me what you think

Chapter 1
The Hunt

Paul walked the streets at a normal pace now. His skin had a
flushed tint to it, as the blood from his kill flowed through his body.
The kill had been good tonight, but it was always over to soon. He
laughed to himself when he thought how easy it had been to snap the
mortal’s neck. He would have to move on now. He could find his
resting place, but the others weren’t far behind. The others were such
fools. They only killed for food, and they rarely, if ever, killed
humans. That’s why Paul had left. He enjoyed the kills. He loved the
fear in their eyes, right before he ripped their throat open and heard
the soft gurgle, desperate attempts to cry for help. Give all that up?
No, he could never do that. For a year and a half now he has been one
step ahead of their blood hunt for him. So where would he go now?
Another city, another kill.

He made it to the next city, but the sun would be up very soon and
he had to find shelter. He found an old abandoned house with a “No
Trespassing” sign on it. He made his way down into the basement.
Darkness, total darkness. Its sweet black nothingness took him into
its arms, and he slept protected from the light. He dreamed(yes even
the undead dream). It was of Alex. He had cared so much for her. He
had been the one that had made her immortal. He had been there
when she made her first kill. She had enjoyed it as much as he did.
The others had too. They would make their kills and dance around
the bodies. They were killers, until Davis came along, claiming to be
one of the eldest immortals. He led, and they followed. He changed
their group completely. He said there was to be no human blood shed
anymore, and the idiots listened to him. But not Paul, he always did
what he wanted. When he left, he tried to get Alex to come with him,
but she refused to leave Davis and the others.

Paul awoke at sunset. He still could not get Alex out of his mind.
He needed to kill. His body ached for it. Who would it be tonight? He
preferred someone who would put up a good fight. He left the damp
basement and went out to hunt. he waited in an alley until someone
walked past. he heard the sound of high-heeled shoes clicking on the
pavement. It was a woman. He got a good look at her. She had on a
short skirt and a halter top. Her face was heavily painted. Paul hated
prostitutes, but she would have to do. He stood behind her now. He
moved with a swiftness only a vampire has. She stopped, too
frightened to turn around. She was ruining his fun. He had to see her
face. He walked in front of her. He needed her fear. She looked at him
and cringed when she saw his deathly white skin. This made him
smile, showing his two razor-sharp fangs. She screamed. His body
was aching, and his head was throbbing.

“Play time’s over,” he said to her as he gave her his fanged grin,
while she stared into his eyes and saw death. He grabbed her and
pulled her back, exposing her slender neck. He slowly slid his teeth
into her tender flesh and ripped her throat apart. He felt her heart
stop. This infuriated him.

“Damn mortals,” he cursed “Don’t they have any will? Where is
their strength?”

The girl had not put up a fight. It was over too quickly. He drained
the body of its vital fluid. At least he had the blood. It was pure
ecstasy. They power it gave him was incredible. He had to make
another kill. One more powerful kill. He liked a good fight.

As he started to leave the alley, he spotted something in the
shadows. He knew it was Davis. He had been so wrapped up in his
kill, he did not sense they were there. He had to get out of there,
because where Davis was, the others weren’t far behind. Davis came
out from the shadows. He stood face to face with Paul.

“You truly are an animal,” Davis said disgusted, looking down at
the woman’s body.

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” Paul said defiantly.

“We’ve come to destroy you, Paul, and we won’t stop until we

“It’s been over a year, Davis, and you haven’t been able to so far.”

Paul leaped into the air and onto a small building behind him.
This is what it must feel like to be flying, Paul thought to himself. He
loved being immortal. He looked down in the alley. The others were
beside Davis. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach the building’s
roof. Paul ran from rooftop to rooftop. His long black hair, which had
been neatly pulled back in a ponytail, was now flowing freely in the
wind. He stopped when he could no longer hear them behind him. He
jumped down from the building as graceful as a cat and landed on his
feet. He was in another alley. He had to make another kill and get
away from here as far as possible.

“Do you think we are that easy to lose?” Paul heard Davis’ voice
from behind him. Paul turned to see them all standing there.

“Well if it isn’t the immortal Mafia?” Paul said sarcastically.

“Why do you have to make this so hard Paul? Stop the killing, and
you won’t be destroyed,” Alex pleaded, standing next to Davis.

“Hey what’s going on down there?” A police officer yelled from
the front of the alley. His partner was a few feet away from him. They
slowly started moving towards Paul and the group.

“This one’s for you, Davis,” Paul said grinning as he ran towards
the two officers.

“Help me please! They’re trying to kill me!” Paul yelled running
towards the officers with both of his arms stretched out. When he
came into arm’s reach of the men he transformed his hands into
deadly claws, which he brought across both of their stomachs at the
same time. The officers dropped to their knees, their stomachs
completely slashed open from Paul’s razor-like claws. Paul stopped
a few feet behind them. He lifted one of his claws to his face. It was
covered with blood from one of the officers. He opened his mouth
and let the blood from his claw drip unto his tongue. He licked his
claw and looked back at the others.

“This is finger licking good, guys. Why don’t you try some?”

“Don’t just stand there, get him!” Davis screamed. They chased

him for a while, but he finally ditched them. He didn’t have much
time left before dawn. He had to make another kill and find a resting
place fast. He had no time to worry about the others.

He waited outside a bar. He knew some drunk would come
staggering out soon. They always did. The only thing that he hated
more than a prostitute was a drunk, but he couldn’t be picky tonight.
He had to take what he could get. He had only been waiting ten
minutes when an extremely intoxicated, very thin, lanky man
stumbled out the door. He looked to be in his early fifties, was
balding and unbelievably ugly. Paul was glad he would never have to
grow old. He would live in his eighteen-year-old firm body forever.
He made sure the old guy was alone and then pulled him into an alley.
He wanted this kill to be quick, so he decided to break the drunk’s
neck. He grabbed the man’s greasy head and began to twist it until the
head had done a complete 180. Paul didn’t realize how hard he had
done it until he was holding the decapitated head in his hands.

“Jeez, Don’t make ’em like they used to.” He gave a chuckle at his
own joke and proceeded to drain the body of blood. He left the body
and found an abandoned warehouse. There was less then fifteen
minutes before the sun would rise. Lucky for him he found this
warehouse. Just as his eyes started to close, he felt someone jerk him.

“Come on Paul, you have to leave here, the others are coming,”
Alex cried desperately.

“It’s almost dawn, where will I go, and how do I know if I can trust

“You have to trust me. I still love you, Paul.”

Paul got up and followed her, wondering where they would find
shelter in less then eight minutes. He has happy that he had Alex back
though. She still loved him. As he stepped outside of the warehouse,
the others grabbed him. He was a powerful vampire, but it was ten
against one. Alex stepped beside Davis, a victorious grin on her face.

“You fucking bitch!” Paul screamed enraged. “How could you?”

“Hurry up! It will be dawn soon,” Davis said, pointing to a huge
stake they had set up in the ground. They quickly tied Paul to it. Davis
smiled up at Paul.

“She helped slaughter all of my children, much in this same
manner,” Davis said, stroking the cross that Paul was bound to.
“Now it is time for me to return the favor.” He returned to his group
and they all quickly retreated to the warehouse because the sun was
starting to peek out from behind the hillside. Paul screamed and
howled as the sun burned his flesh, which was now charring and
black. After a while his cries stopped and all that was left was a pile
of ashes.

The hunt was over.
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