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by Piglet
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A quick dialogue
That's What

-- What?
-- It's just that...
-- What? Is there something...?
-- Yeah, no, it's not...
-- Something on my face?
-- Um, no, well...it's...
-- What? My hair? What?
-- No, your hair is fine. I thought I saw...
-- A booger? A nose hair? A pimple?
-- ...hmm...no...
-- What are you staring at?
-- Something...different?
-- What do you mean? What?
-- Did you do something different?
-- Blue eye shadow, you don't like it?
-- No, that's not it. Something...else...
-- No! What? What?!
-- I don't know. Is there...
-- Something in my teeth? No! Nothing, thank god!
-- No, it's...can't put my finger on it...
-- Oh for goodness sake!
-- Yeah, nevermind, it's nothing.
-- What? No, wait a minute! What?! What?!
-- Forget about it. I shouldn't have said any-
-- What do you mean? It's still there?
-- Well, kinda...it's...
-- Oh, you always do this to me! On our date night too!
-- Honey, don't worry about it, probably nothing.
-- It's definitely something!
-- No, like I said, nothing, shouldn't have mentioned it.
-- Mentioned what?
-- You're beautiful.
-- .....
-- Just that.
-- Just that?
-- Yeah.
-- Yeah right.
-- ....
-- No, there's definitely something wrong. You're still staring...Hey!
-- Got it.
-- What?
-- Your nose.
-- Very funny. Hehe...
-- Hehe...you ARE beautiful.
-- Thanks! You're crazy.
-- Aw...shucks, hon. Thanks!

Jan 2009
238 words

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