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by GFK64
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1633035
we will be following a wolf pack leader named azulu after he is serpared from his family.
On a cold, dark winters night, the Azulu pack went out on the hunt for their next meal."Azulu i spoted two deer" said Render the brother of Azulu."I can get them both"says Render."Brother, we must wait for the perfect time to attack to insure that we get both deer and we must stike together."But Azulu, they may run deeper into the forest and we might lose our only meal. We have an entire pack to feed and we can't go on your foolesh plan."I am the leader and you listen to what i say brother. We will wait. Later that night the hunters come home with four deer due to the patience of Azulu."My Brother, do you not see what patience has gotten us. We have had the most successful hunt in over a month. I was put in charger for a reson and one reson only. To ensure that the pack has every thing they need. The next day as their preparing for there next hunt one of the elder wolfs passes away."Brothers and sisters, today we have lost one of our most respected elder wolfs, Master Grogan. We must keep him our thoughts and our heart during todays hunt, And we must pray to him to make this hunt a very successful one". Later that while on the hunt they are confronted but a rival wolf pack.
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