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Just plans I've got for this series.

1.  Opening
  A.  Connor meets Katar
      i.  Connor runs into Katar in the mailroom of his apartment one Friday in late April.
      ii.  He ends up sleeping with Katar that night after learning about Katar's daughter and Katar being not-precisely-human.
        a.  Connor explains his nervousness and disinterest with penetrative sex due to both his experiences with a priest (See below) and unskilled, unintentionally rough lovers.
        b.  Katar swears up and down that he'll be gentle and loving unless Connor desires differently.
      iii.  They spend the weekend together and with Victory, the daughter, going shopping, eating out, and at night when Victory is asleep, the new couple bonds.
  B.  Dropping Connor off at work
      i.  Connor's coworker's watch a mercedes benz pull up.
      ii.  Connor gets out and goes to bid Katar goodbye
      iii.  One of his coworkers (Alex) recognizes Katar from the country club he belongs to and says so.
      iv.  Katar and Coworker (Alex) discuss tennis for a few moments.
      v.  Eventually Katar leaves and the discussion switches.
        a.  Connor discusses how since Katar and Connor just met, Connor is not yet allowed to be alone with Victory. (Which he is okay with, he understands the protectiveness)
        b.  Connor gets upset thinking about what could have happened to Victory in the past had Katar not put her first and been very cautious with his relationships.
        c.  Connor reveals roughly what happened when he shared his concerns about being gay with a priest at 15-16, the priest convinced Connor to allow the priest to touch him inappropriately.  NOTE: Connor fully blames the priest, not himself at this point and the idea of a grown person touching a minor inappropriately makes him physically ill...he'd kill to protect his nieces, nephews, and Victory from what he went through.
  C.  Gap in Time (about 2 weeks)
      i.  Possible Shopping Excursion with Victory along.
      ii.  Possible pre-movie movie night antics with Vicky, Katar, and Connor. (They would be watching Anastasia (1997) that night.)
      iii.  Possible work antics with Connor.
  D.  Connor Comes Out of the Closet to his parents
      i.  They (Connor and Katar) have Connor's family up from the Poconos for lunch and dinner
2.  Stage 2 - First Christmas
  A.  Going shopping for Katar
    i.  Connor and Victory go shopping for her daddy and buy a couple things for him.
  B.  Going Shopping for Connor
  C.  Shopping for Victory
3.  Placeholder

Will update this as I think up more stuff to put in it.  Any thoughts, concerns or feedback is welcome in reviews. :)

There's a break-in attempt that I need to put in, at least two dance lesson scenes, a couple dinner parties, a zoo trip, a trip where Katar and Connor go away for some alone time, leaving Vicky with Carson's parents for the first  4 days and then with Katar's parents for the second four days.

Maybe Disney or something toooooo.

Um, I have other ideas too, but I'd need to think and it's too early to think.
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