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The Domination+
            Katya lay naked on the stone floor of the Monkey Temple.
    Five shinto monks prayed in a circle about her. Katya could feel
    the floor against her breasts and thighs. Lord Satoshi entered the
    smoked filled temple. "There are many open doorways, but you
    must not leave." the Ninja Lord clasped his hands and Katya flew
    up in midair. She looked down at the monks and over to Lord Satoshi.
    "My mother will tear down this temple!" she shouted. The Ninja Lord's
    laughter filled the domed temple.
            "Come down." Lord Satoshi commanded Katya. Katya flayed
    about, but could not. She remained suspended in midair. She roared
    like a lion and a great wind entered the temple. The sacred monkeys
    howled and lept about the giant monkey buddha. The monks increased
    their chanting and a large bell was rung. "You are like a child with a gun.
    You do not understand the power within you." Lord Satoshi shouted
    to Katya. The monkeys howled and lept onto Katya, biting her.
    Katya screamed and tried to throw them off.
            "Where is your mother?" Lord Satoshi mocked. The temple shook
    as if something was beating against it. A raven flew in through a window.
    "My Lord the Ladies' guardian is outside." Raven spoke after transforming
    from the raven. "Your Ninja are fighting her with the nine steps of spiritual
    combat. Her Goddess is very strong." Raven spoke softly with her head bowed
    and her arms extended like wings. The temple shook again from a mighty
    strike on its dome. "No woodland spirit can break the shinto temple of the
    monkey god." Lord Satoshi voice rolled like thunder.
          Lightning sparked from Katya's body, driving the monkey's off of her.
    "What are the gods without the sky and the sea and the land?" Katya screamed.
    "You will be my sword and hammer!" Lord Satoshi shouted at Katya.
    The temple floor rose up and then fell back. The great bell was rung again.
    "My Lord we must respect the forest god." Raven pleaded with head bowed and
    arms extended like wings. Lord Satoshi clasped his hands and Katya returned
    to the floor. She took a crouching posture with her hands on the floor.
    She looked at the Ninja Lord with wild fury.
          "I am not a weapon. I am a woman." Katya growled. Lord Satoshi laughed.
    He step slowly up to Katya and drew his sword under her chin. She rose slowly
    to her feet with Lord Satoshi's sword at her throat. "What a handsome woman
    you are. Your back is strong as are your thighs." The Lord ran his blade along
    her throat as he walked about her.

    to be continued.

    reflections:              "Impia tortorum longos hic turba furores
                                  Sanguinis innocui, non satiata, aluit.
                                  Sopsite nunc patrid, fracto nunc funeris antro,
                                  Mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque patient."

                                                    Chapter 2
                                                  Blood Letting

            Katya could feel the cut Satoshi had made around her throat and accross
    the back of her neck. Blood ran down her throat and back. He raised his
    sword with both hands. The blade swept before her eyes. She did not feel it
    cut her. Katya tried to scream, but her head slipped off her shoulders and dropped
    to the stone floor. She looked up with fluttering eyes at her body standing over
    her, then the body fell back. Monkeys ran about her and dragged her head
    about the temple by her golden hair. Katya could still see. She tried to mouth
    words, but had no air to speak. "Lord Satoshi!" Raven cried and fell to her knees
    at Katya's body. Lightning sparked from the headless corpse. It lept up.
            Katya's body climbed after her head across the Monkey Buddha.
    The monkey's tossed her head amongst themselves, taunting Katya's headless
    body. Katya made a silent scream as darkness filled her eyes. Her head flew
    to her body, which caught it and placed it on her neck. She breathed deeply
    as the body healed to its head. "You will die!" Katya shouted at Lord Satoshi.
    She squated to the rightside of the crowned Monkey Buddha. The golden buddha
    brought down its fist at the Ninja Lord. He lept upon its arm and ran upwards
    to Katya. "Foolish woman. Do you not see what I have revealed to you? You
    are immortal!" Lord Satoshi stood by Katya with his sword under her throat.
    Katya froze and then stood up slowly under his sword.
            "What is holding back your sword?" Katya smiled at the Ninja Lord.
    She felt the scar about her neck and swallowed. Katya stepped back and
    flipped to the floor beside the Monkey Buddha's fist. Satoshi appeared beside
    her in a puff of orange smoke. "Teach me. I will submit." Katya bowed her head.
    He grabbed her hair, "I will cut you into seven pieces and scatter your body to
    the four corners of the world; if you betray me." Katya looked with firey eyes
    at the Ninja Lord. "Destroy this body and I will find another." Satoshi laughed.
    So began the exquisite lessons of Katya Dumas, in the art of the
    samurai sword and Ninja Kuji-kiri.
            "You see Katya there is a string of nine worlds. Each hand gesture opens
    this world to you and you can pass from one room to the next." Raven spoke
    with a happy face. Katya smiled and clasped her hands. A great orange puff
    of smoke filled the room. There was a bare breasted friend, standing in her white
    tights infront of them. "Wha-is this?" Katrina whimpered. Katya laughed and hugged
    her childhood friend: "It is me! Katya!" Katrina screamed and covered her tiny
    breasts. Raven whispered to Katya, "She will never understand. Send her home."
    Katya made a second gesture and in a puff of orange smoke Katrina was gone.
    "I can leave this place." Katya smiled wickedly. Raven put her hand on the scar
    on Katya's throat, "Lord Satoshi is your master." Katya moved her head side to
    side. She still feared it might fall off again.
              "Casie!" Katrina shouted, running from the examination room.
    Doctor Casie had been examining Katrina's pregnancy. Katrina described the
    strange vision she had of Katya. Casie called Dr. Evans. He was so excited,
    he knocked over a lamp. "Was it real?" Katrina asked shivering in the doctors
    office. "You have only your tights on. Put on my smock." Casie smiled.
    "Anything is possible with Katya." the doctor continued and pulled down
    Katrina's tights, placing her gently in the medical stirrups. "Are you sure?
    maybe I am insane." Katrina chattered. "Did you give me the list of men you
    have had sex with?" the doctor asked as she examined Katrina. Katrina pointed
    to the small note book in her blue checkered scurt pocket. "Ah. This will make
    a paternity test impossible. .. These notes go back to your twelfth year?" the
    doctor looked amazed at the detailed descriptions of love making in Katrina's
    diary. "You list Katya amongst your lovers?" Casie gasped, "Over many years
    and just a month ago.. Oh! My God!" The doctor grabbed a giegercounter and
    ran it about Katrina's genitals and belly. "You have the same radioactivity as Katya!"
    she shouted in astonishment.
                "I am not going to that hospital! I just want to go home!" Katrina cried
    and pulled on one of her pig tails. "Katrina. There are forces here that are beyond
    our control. I must call Doctor Sappho." Casie picked up the reciever on the wall phone.
    Katrina screamed and bolted from her stirrups down the hall: naked. An admitting
    nurse tackled her in the waiting room. Katrina beat her fist on the nurse's back.
    "Let me go! I not going to the hospital!" she screamed as she was picked up and
    strapped to a gurny. "I am giving you a sedative. It will calm you." Dr. Casie smiled
    a Cheshire cat smile.

    to be continued...

                                                Chapter 3
                                        Do you see the tiger?

                  Katya laughed. "What amuses you?" Raven bowed to Katya.
    "Look! The sparows are fighting that hawk. It has eaten their eggs." Katya laughed.
    Raven smiled and bowed as she gave her leave. Katya looked down from her
    window and saw a tiger watching her. She smiled and dropped a fig out the
    window infront of the tiger. The tiger walked around the wall and into the temple.
    Katya ran to the stairs, leading to the monkey buddha. The tiger was in the
    temple court and walked slowly to the stairs. Katya flew to the top of the great
    golden monkey buddha. The tiger turned and climbed the buddha. Katya growled
    and cast down lighting from her fingers. The tiger was not stopped. It roared
    and lepted upon Katya clawing at her garments to shreds. Raven laughed.
    She was seated on the head of the monkey god. The tiger transformed into a
    monk. He smiled, looking down on Katya. "Do you see the sparows sorrow?"
    Raven asked Katya. Katya grabbed the monk in his croutch and pulled him
    down between her legs.
                "Do you wish to see my tiger?" Katya laughed at the monk.
    The monk bowed his head and thrust himself into Katya. Katya crossed her feet
    behind the monks back and ate a fig. "I like this lesson." Katya looked up
    at Raven with a toothy smile. Raven smiled down on Katya. The monk spoke
    in a whisper into Katya's right ear, "Can you see my tiger stripes?"  Katya
    blinked; her eyes were blured and then she saw a the tiger between her thighs.
    Its claws dug into her shoulders. She tried to twist free, but gave in to his rutting.
    His hot breath covered her face and breasts. "Will your children be tigers?"
    the monk appeared again, between her thighs. He kissed katya and stepped
    down the monkey god. Raven laughed, "Now you have tiger scars on your back."
    Katya stumbled to her feet. Lord Satoshi laughed. He clasps his hands and
    Katya fell to his feet on the court before the Monkey Buddha.
                "Katya. You are my prize pet." Lord Satoshi clapped his hands
    and two Ninja dressed her for combat. "What is this?" Katya asked, standing in
    her canvas cowl. "It is time to test your skills. There is a school for geisha.
    They are the enemy. They must be destroyed." the Ninja Lord made a hand
    gesture and Katya appeared in the steam baths of the geisha school. The
    girls screamed and ran naked for the exit. Katya swung her sword, cutting
    them down. She did not question. She did not hestitate. In a puff of orange smoke
    she was back in the monkey temple. Katya held her bloody sword out to Lord Satoshi.
    "Good! I will tell you. The geisha you cut down were not the enemy. They were
    only play things for my tiger." Lord Satoshi laughed and put Katya's sword back
    in its sheath. Katya face was covered, but she felt great guilt. She bowed to
    the Ninja Lord and made her way back to her room.
                Katya sat on a branch of the fig tree outside her onclave window.
    She studied the sparow's nest and the small broken shells inside. The nest
    was made of woven twigs and sparow feathers. How did so simple a creature
    know to weave like this? Both sparows died at the tallons of the hawk, defending
    their nest. Was this love? Katya picked a fig an ate. She felt a warm hand accross
    her cowled face. Instinctintively, she drew her sword and stood upon the branch.

                "Will you strike your mother?
                I am the living love within you."
    Katya dropped her sword and fell to the ground. She pulled off her cowl
    and looked up at the radiant aparition. It was the Lady of the Forest.
    "I demand a better future!" Katya cried on her knees. The sword stuck into the
    ground beside her. She held her breath in fear that Lord Satoshi might have
    heard her. There was nothing she could detect.
    "Why?!" she clasped her hands in Christian prayer.
    Palms pressed flat together; she raised above her head.

                "Who made the lion and the lamb?
                Who makes alive?
                Who kills?
                Miai. She is the mother of all the living."

  "I see. You have not given yourself to me." Lord Satoshi spoke from behind.
  Seventy Ninja stood with him about the fig tree. Katya took her sword
  in both hands in readiness for combat. "You do not understand the way."
  Lord Satoshi extended his hand to Katya. She did not move. There was a
  great light radiating from the aparition. Katya could not look away from it.
  "I will drive this Forest God back!" Lord Satoshi clasped his hands and
  with his Ninja brought a great force against the aparition. There was a great
  fire in the sky as bright as the sun. It came down upon them. The Ninja
  turned to stone.
            Katya looked about at the Ninja Lord' statue. She could not believe
  he was dead. She sheathed her sword as tears of joy filled her eyes.
            "Go home."

  The Lady of the Forest spoke and vanished. Katya knelt in the ruins of the
  fallen monkey temple. It looked ancient and was covered by vines from the jungle.
  Lord Satoshi' statue stood before her under the fig tree. She picked up
  a stone and threw it at the statue. The stone broke against it. Katya clasped her
  hands and transformed into a seagul and flew out to the sea.

  to be continued...

                                                Chapter 4
                                      There's no place like home.

          Katya spent several months on a tuna trawler in the Pacific. She fought for
  scraps of tuna with a flock of other seaguls. It was difficult to remember her
  humanity, but as the heavy laden Areis made its way into the Black Sea she
  remembered her family. Katya concentrated and in a puff of orange smoke
  transformed in her parents dining room. No one was home. She pulled back
  her Ninja cowl and entered her old bedroom. Hiding her weapons and grey
  Shinto Ninja uniform, Katya slipped on her favorite American' Blue Jeans@
  and a bright orange checker shirt with a white t-shirt. Her pink sneakers
  felt smooth, compared to the two toed Ninja togs. Katya giggled at her reflection
  in the oval mirror, beside her bed. She heard her parents entering the apartment.
  Quickly concealing her self in the blink of an eye, she apeared before them.
  Diana screamed as Katya hugged her off her feet. Demitri kissed his daughter
  and poured himself a drink.
        "Your s..suppose to be in the hospital." Diana mumbled as she sat at the
  dining room table. She swallowed half a glass of Voka. "Oh? Yes. .. I was
  kidnaped by Ninjas." Katya smiled and took the bottle. She drank out of the
  bottle and then ran her tongue over her lips. "Katya! Where are your manners."
  Demitri scoulded and placed a glass on the table. Katya screached like a
  seagul and then poured herself a drink. "Eh? Katya... will these Ninjas return?"
  Demitri continued. Katya sat on her chair, squatting on her feet. Her head twitched
  side to side, like a seagul. Diana dropped her glass, "Where did you get that
  scar around your neck?" Demitri examined the scar that circled Katya's neck.
  "It is a saber wound!" he said loudly. Katya tried to peck at the slices of bread
  placed on the table. "Use your hands." Demitri said softly as he rubbed his
  daughter's back. Demitri looked over to Diana, "We must call Doctor Casie."
  Katya flipped backwards and landed on her toes in Ninja combat. Diana rose
  slowly from her chair extending her hand to comfort her daughter.
  "Casie is a phyciatrist. She can help us." Daina said softly as she slowly dialed
  the doctor.
          Doctor Casie arrived in one hour. She had brought the police with her.
  "Katya! I am so happy to see you!" Casie said with a Cheshire cat smile. The police
  walked about Katya surounding her on five sides. "I was kidnaped." Katya squated
  extending her hands for combat. "Yes. We were woried about you. Please.
  Let me examine that wound about your neck." Casie walked slowly up to Katya.
  The doctor had a very bright toothy smile. Casie looked at the scar and looked at
  the police. "Katya. This wound is well healed." the doctor rubbed Katya's shoulders.
  A policeman fired tranquilizer darts at Katya. She caught them and threw them onto
  the table. Casie smiled a wide Cheshire cat smile: "These Ninja taught you that?"
  Katya made a wicked smile and knodded yes. "Well. I must tell you as an agent
  of the people's republic, you must surrender. Your life and the lives of your friends
  and family will be jeopardized. We have not charged you with a crime. Resistance
  will bring charges against you." Casie said this with no smile.
          The words of Lord Satoshi came back to Katya, "You have chosen the tiger's
  path. You can not turn back." Katya smiled, "Is Katrina alright?" Doctor Casie
  turned her head to the right and then looked at Katya, "Yes. She is at the hospital."
  "I wish to meet her." Katya stood slowly and her hands were cuffed behind her back.
  Casie smiled widely, "Yes. That would be very helpfull." Doctor Casie ordered a search
  of Katya's room, but could find nothing out of the ordinary except for a few seagul feathers.
  "I want them locked up!" the police lieutenant growled. Casie looked the officer directly
  in the eyes, "Katya is the focal point. Do not provoke her with threats." The officer clicked
  his boots an continued the search of Katya's home.
            "I am a loyal party member!" Katrina shouted. She was strapped to a standing
  examinatination harness. There were monitors all about her. Wires were taped to her
  fingers and toes, chest, belly and forehead. She peed through a catheter. "Katrina!"
  Doctor Casie walked into the small room with Katya and several policemen.
  Katya was still hand cuffed. "Oh! Let me kill her!" Katrina struggled against her
  restraints, growling at Katya. Katya laughed and handed her hand cuffs to the
  officer behind her. Doctor Casie raised her right hand to stop the officier from
  restraining Katya. "Well. You have learned new tricks." Casie smiled. Katya
  made a wicked smile and walked over to Katrina. Katrina tried to turn away.
  Katya put her ear to Katrina's belly, "Is this our child?" Katrina screamed, "Get
  this monster away from me!"

  to be continued...

                                                  Chapter 5
                                              This must be Real

            "The temple was in ruins?" Doctor Sappho asked Katya, while they sipped
  tea. "Yes. My Goddess turned Lord Satoshi to stone. Everything look overgrown
  an ancient." "That little Ninja was not ancient. She killed two of my guards and
  carried you away." Sappho continued. The doctor bit a piece of biscut and offered
  Katya a bite. Katya took the biscut and broke it in half and gave it back to
  Sappho. They ate. "This must be confusing for you. Do you accept this reality?"
  Doctor Sappho leaned back and changed the ribbon on her tape recorder.
  Katya smiled wickedly. Her eyes were fierce. "I accept what is before me." she
  answered and sipped her tea.
              "Your son Jarrett wishes you released. He believes we can do no more for
  you." Sappho gave a Mona Lisa smile. Katya put her tea down on the small table.
  They were seated on the floor. "I believe everything that has happened to me is for
  a purpose. I believe that the Ninja were sent by my Goddess to teach me. And
  you have been serving my Goddess as well." Katya's answer was calm as she
  rose to her feet. Sappho struggled to unfold her legs and used her hands to pull
  her legs apart. "I know you are powerfull Katya, but think of the consequences.
  Katrina is severely traumatized by an unnatural pregnancing. She may not want
  the child. Your husband Ethan is in hiding. Your parents fear you. Is Alana still
  your friend?" Doctor Sappho's words were calculating and true. Katya eyes looked
  like a falcon. "Do you curse me? I am what my Goddess wishes me to be.
  Does the lion pity the sheep? Who am I to question my destiny?" she answered
  in Lord Satoshi voice. The doctor stepped back as Katya transformed into a falcon.
  She flew threw the courtyard in the center of the hospital and up into the blue sky.
  Sappho took the mike of her tape recorder.

              "Subject is insane. She is loose and has paranormal abilities to
              transform into animals." Sappho stopped the tape.

    Katrina walked slowly up to the Chief psychiatrist. "I want to go home." Katrina
    said with a whimper. "Ah? My dear girl. I hope your ready." Sappho answered
    and wound the spool of tape recording into a card board cylindar;
    "Katrina. Although you are an adult, physically and emotionally you are very
    immature. You still sleep with your thumb in your mouth. And you habitually
    pursue any man, who has the smallest authority over you." Katrina made a fat
    lip: "I'm the best pastry girl at the bakery!" Sappho smiled and placed both her
    hands on either side of Katrina's face, "I'm sure you are."
          Sappho signed a monitored release for Katrina. It was a planned decoy.
    Sappho believed Katya could not abandon her child and would follow the
    suragate. "You know she might be abducted by that entity." Doctor Evans
    warned as they watched Katrina leave the hospital with her boy friend.
    "Do you think we can control this phenomon? We must observe and record
    whatever happens." Sappho sighed and placed her hand on Evan's shoulder.
          Katrina laughed like a chipmunk as she sat in the pick up truck.
    "What is so funny?" Mat asked as he steered the truck down the treacherous
    cliff road. "Katya got me pregnant with her tongue!" Katrina laughed. Mat's face
    turned red, "I do not want to hear this. I just can not face that now." his voice
    trembled. "Why not? Do you think you can ignore my belly?" she pointed to
    her round ponch. Mat closed his eyes and swerved over the cliff. Katrina screamed.
    The truck was suspended over the sea. There were thunder bolts about them.

                "Apollo will fall from the heights
                and come down like lighting!"

    There was a pyramid spinning slowly above the truck. "I-I not driving!" Katrina
    was hysterical. "What the hell!" Mat tried to beep the horn, but it was useless.
    "I tried." he wept over the steerring wheel. They vanished with a great light
    along with the pyramid.
            Doctor Evan had followed them with a group of scientist in a Volks Wagon
    van. "I got it on film!" shouted one of the scientist. "What was that pyramid?"
    Evans turned to Casie. "Hmmm, it might be a vessel, but the apparition does
    not need a vessel for transportation. I think it was a symbol. Perhaps Egyptian?"
    Casie answered with a squeeky child like voice. She ate some potatoe chips
    and continued to stare wide eyed at the area of the sky. Evans beat the steering
    wheel, "We are helpless!"

    to be continued...

                                                Chapter 5
                                          The Dream begins

              "Yes. I'm very gratefull. But, we must continue with our restructuring."
      Jarrett spoke with authority, but he knew was only an adviser. Then, the room
      filled with orange smoke. "Cough-cough-cough! Wha-up?" Katrina stood in the
      center of the great board table. Her red shoes glissened infront the executives.
      She squeeled. Her red shoes were all she had on. Katrina cover her self with
      her arms and hands as best as she could. "Who called for a dancer?" one
      exucutive laughed. "I'm pregnant! You pig! Where is Mat?" Katrina made tiny
      steps to the end of the long table and hoped down. "Katrina? What is this?"
      Jarrett had regonized his mother's friend. "Could you give me your jacket?"
      she was red faced. Jarrett put his jacket over her.

                            "The world is too much with us; late and soon,
                              Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers."

      The voice filled the room. Jarrett jumped up on the table and walked to where
      Katrina had appeared. "My Captain! My Lady!" he exclaimed and fell to his
      knees with his hands reaching up. Katrina tip toed to the large double doors
      leading out to the hall. Mat openned the doors and knocked her on her butt.
      His pants dropped. "Get your pants off the ground! Fool!" Katrina shouted.
      Mat hugged her and kissed her face. "Mother what must I do?" Jarrett looked
      about the room. An image of Kiri appeared in the window. "I thought we had
      replaced that window?" an exucutive muttered. Just at the ring of 3:00pm on the
      pendulum clock, Kiri stepped out of the glass. "I don't know if I am dreaming,
      but my life is back!" Kiri ran over to a grey old banker and kissed him.

                          "Thus saith the high lofty one that inhabiteth eternity,
                            time shapes our knowledge of truth and fortune.
                            It is a block to knowing the very God whose truth
                            it existed to shape."

      The voice shook the room. Kiri ran out into the hall and down the stairs.
      "I would like some clarification on these pronouncements. Are you telling
      this board how to run its bank?" the grey hair old banker said. Everything
      vanished. There was no earth or sky. Everyone was gone. A small voice
      spoke, "Dream." Katya stood in the center of the table with Jarrett and
      they embraced. Kiri and Katrina hugged each other. "I was running and
      then I was here again." Kiri stammered and wepted. Jarrett eyes widened,
      "We will build a new world order! Where there is no poverty or strife!
      It will be a commerce of dream works!" Katya laughed, "Do what you please.
      I will tear it down; if I dislike it." She clasped her hands and stood as a
      Ninja. Then, she vanished.








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