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A letter to myself about the coming year.
Dear Me,

Uhh, hi, you busy?  Sorry classic avoidance question, “if you’re too busy, I’ll come back later”. You aren’t busy, I should know, hee, hee…

Ahem, so, I was hoping for a few things for 2010, a few accomplishments that is.  Don’t think of them as accomplishments though, just a bunch of what’evs, as in whatever man, no sweat.  I am acutely aware of my a-goal-a-phobia.  As soon as a goal gets close to finishing: postpone, prolong, procrastinate.  This is the reason for the half finished shells of projects that lie everywhere throughout the house.  So let’s try to maybe see these goals as “what’evs”, otherwise we may run out of storage space both physical and cerebral.

Now as a motivation technique, let’s use our clinical addiction to newness to finish the “what’evs”.  Think about it, after every “what’ev” finishes there is anew.  I know new things cause great euphoria, whether books, gadgets or even ways to clean the house.  So let’s use that excitement to complete our “what’evs”. Brilliant or what?  You can thank you later. 

What‘ev #1.  Running 3 times per week, please if possible, no less than 15 kilometers every week.  A 10K race was a goal in ’09, why not make it a “what’ev” for ‘10?  How about a new training plan?  Now you’re excited! Huh? Huh? You see?

Okay, let’s keep this momentum going.  What’ev #2:  Write 10 minutes of stand up and perform it in front of an audience.  This is really necessary.  Hoping to write more and doing stand up are closely linked and this has got to happen.  No pressure, but April 1st at the latest.

Hey!  Where’d you go?  Hello, not finished the letter!  Almost done and then you can start writing that new haiku.

What’ev #3:  Write every day, you know, whatever, no big deal.  Just a little every day, it doesn’t matter what, but do some every day!

How about that?  A brand NEW plan for 2010.  I know you will want to get started on it right away. 


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