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How far would you go to make your troubles disappear?

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "I've got a bullet with your name on it" (or something similar to it) at some point in your life. In the past, I'd never given this phrase much thought, it was in one ear and out the other before I could decide whether I truly cared to think about it; however, recently it's appealed to me a great deal. So much so that I've come to the realization I may need a bigger gun just to hold the number of bullets I'm collecting. (In other words, the ideas swirling through my mind like leaves scattering from a harsh, winter wind.) Take, for instance: shame, guilt, heartache, pain and sorrow, pity, anger and jealousy and resentment, greed, hunger, crime and sin, and well I could go on forever with this particular roll call.

But let's not leave out the liars and cheaters and thieves, except these may have their own custom-built bullet, perhaps made of a variety of different colors or glow in the dark bullets, wouldn't that just be super cool? Then again, maybe they just simply reflect exquisite artful decorations drawn around their name with their photographs, only if preferred, of course.

What if, by merely putting a name, an idea (if you so choose) or a type of behavior on a bullet (theoretically, naturally) that you could shoot it away? One click and your worries shattered right out of your life? Imagine holding your uncertainties in your hand, all rounded up into a shiny, but deadly chamber.

Picture holding crime and sin in your hand, the dark, glittery bullets sparkling up at you with anticipation. Imagine that, with just two bangs, you could erase all the crime and sin in your life... or the world? Imagine how different your life would be without the corruption of crime and sin alone.

Would you be nervous? Taking short, shallow breaths, hands trembling so wildly you fear you will miss. Or maybe excitement and fear combined are more ideal, and regardless of your slightly uneven breathing you're dead-set to push forward. Obtaining precise and deadly aim, a steady finger on the trigger, and one quick, confident squeeze then - BOOM! - your troubles and anxieties exist no more.

A life of pure, uninhibited magic, I'd say. A life where bad behavior could be replaced with a type of dark and twisted, but nevertheless an artsy touch. The artists' dream... as far as the imagination can possibly soar, beyond the impossible, into the stars.

Unfortunately, I'm sad to say this is the impossible and was never meant to be.
A shame.

The use of a gun and bullets in this reading weren't meant as literal. By bullets I’m referring to how the moods and emotions of others can influence our behavior, using the negative factors of our society in today’s world to paint the picture. The gun, to me, signifies the idea of how to change the world, the pain we suffer on a daily basis, the loss of our loved ones due to inexcusable crimes or bad manners like drunk driving, reckless driving and even tempers lost due to jealousy, greed and hate. It also signifies the possibilities of how such a change could impact us individually and triggers our deeper desires for things such as hope, trust and faith to prevail against the evil of the world. If I have offended anyone, I sincerely apologize for it was not my intent.

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