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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #1633494
One can never be too careful when dealing with beautiful strangers
When she walked into the room every head turned. She had this magnetic pull, like two galaxies colliding. There was certainly something about her; her eyes as dark and deep as space, her golden skin radiating beauty like a nebula in a dark recess of the void. Nothing about her was ordinary; not her smile or her amazing personality. She was the embodiment of grace.

She came in, seemingly unaware of the effect she had on people, and sat down at the little table presented to her by the hostess. She removed her cheetah patterned jacket and slipped it on the backrest of her chair, revealing her dark, silky blouse. Her black skirt was riding just above her knees when she sat, letting the world glimpse her seductive, caramel legs; shiny and smooth. She moved with precision and refinement as she scooted the chair closer to the table. Her smile, soft and inviting, radiating throughout the restaurant like a beacon of hope.

The male server came over and clumsily asked her what she would like to drink. He was taken aback by her beauty and when she spoke, he felt his legs go weak and a warm, loving feeling came over him.

"Cranberry juice, please," she said with the tone and meter of an angel. The server, instantly put at ease by her calm demeanor and beautiful voice, while at the same time feeling an overwhelming sensation of unworthiness, nodded and retreated back to the kitchen.

She glowed with beauty.

She produced a laptop from her bag and set it on the tiny table, opened it up and started typing. Busily, she worked on a phantom project, intensity shown in her eyes as she expertly let her fingers caress the keys, like a lover exploring her partner's body.

The server came back, cautiously, and set the cranberry juice down on a cocktail napkin. "Would you like anything else Ma'am?"

"No thanks, just that for now." She smiled and turned back to her computer and continued typing.

A man walked in clad in a dark, knee length wool coat and sat at the bar. She looked up and a brief, almost sinister, smile crossed her lips. Of course, he noticed her right away, just like everyone did when she walked in. He ordered something from the bartender and slyly glanced back over to her. She looked up at that instant and smiled. His heart started racing as her beauty penetrated him; her eyes and smile, while warm and beautiful, offered something else that disturbed yet enticed him.

She drank her juice in one gulp and closed her laptop, returned it to its bag and she stood up, smoothing her skirt down. She took her jacket and put it on then reached into her bag and dropped a bill on the table then slung the strap over her shoulder. Once more she glanced at the man at the bar and smiled then walked out of the restaurant and towards a waiting car.

The black sedan waited for her at the curb; the driver, a well clothed man in a black suit and tie with a driver's cap waited patiently. She waited just outside the car door for the inevitable. As predicted, the man from the bar came out and walked over to her, strutting like a tom cat showing off his male dominance. Another mischievous grin cross her lips, parting them just enough for her brilliant white smile to glimmer briefly. 

"Would you like to go somewhere and get a drink?" the man asked smiling at her in return. He looked her over, not hiding his interest at all.

"What did you have in mind?" she answered, now looking slightly vulnerable; scuffing her high heels slightly on the asphalt of the parking lot.

"I know the perfect place. Is this your driver?"

"Yes." she opened the door and offered him to enter, which he gladly did.

He sat down and slid over to the other side, patting the seat for her to enter. She sauntered in and closed the door. The driver looked at her in the mirror and she smiled at him, knowingly.

"Do you know the Viper Room?" he asked the driver. He nodded and put the car in drive and pulled away from the front of the restaurant and exited the parking lot.

Turning to her he smiled and extended his hand, "I'm David, David Parkes."

She accepted his hand and replied, "Faye." She lowered her head down and looked up at him with soft eyes, allowing him to sense some kind of vulnerability in her. She crossed her legs, offering him a brief glance at her golden thigh before she set her bag down between them.

The driver turned on Adams Street and made his way away from town. He eyed Faye several times in the mirror and nodded with an unspoken agreement.

"Uh... Driver this is the wrong way to the Viper Room," David said as he realized they were heading in the opposite direction. "It's the other way..."

"David," Faye interrupted, putting a hand on his leg. "We aren't going to the Viper Room. I have other plans for you." She smiled at him and took his hand and kissed it ever so gently.

"Well... Okay then." He didn't quite know what to say but he felt that his plan was working out better than he anticipated.

They drove into the foothills and turned onto a dirt road that led up to a large house. Before arriving, they turned off onto a small turn-about, stopping fully.

"Where are we?" David asked.

Faye put her finger up to his lips. "Shh. Don't speak. Just sit back and relax. You will never forget this night, I promise. I have been watching you for a long time. Did you think that I just happened to be at that restaurant by chance? I was there for you. I knew you would be there, as you are every Saturday." She sat up and gently pushed him back against the seat.

He did not resist. His heart started racing at the thought of what was to come. He loved women, in fact he had loved many women. "Okay... I don't really get why you are so interested in me, but I am not complaining in the least." He tried to relax.

Faye leaned in and kissed him passionately. Her lush lips gently teasing his as she put her hands on his face, holding him lovingly. She moved her head around to his ear.

"Are you ready?" she whispered, teasingly licking his earlobe.

"I'm so ready, Faye." His eyes were closed as her light, graceful tongue touched his ear.

She pulled away, her face just in front of his, feeling his warmth on her skin. Her smile grew wider, her perfect teeth shining brightly in the darkened car. He watched her closely, trying to anticipate her movements. He was caught off guard when long fangs suddenly grew from her canines and the speed by which she attacked him, pulling him towards him with a strength he had never known.

She sunk her teeth deep into his jugular and let his precious blood flow in spurts into her mouth. Because of her nature, the pain only lasted a moment for him, then euphoria and ecstasy set in and he was instantly at ease.

Once she had her fill, she pushed him out of the car with speed, strength  and grace that only one of her kind could ever have. She was a Vampire. She was Beauty and Grace. She was nothing short of Amazing.

Sated, she motioned to her ghoul to take her home, back across town and to her penthouse where she would hibernate for another month before returning to the hunt.
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