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Truly, how can you resist?

As a first time mommy-to-be I'm utterly clueless as to what to expect. Except that my love for chocolate has abundantly intensified. To be honest, pregnancy thus far has exceeded my expectations. It is true, prior to the plus sign that I could only guess at what shocking secrets may lay ahead, but now... well, the naive way of thinking just doesn't pass muster anymore.

Not only does the weight gain vary on each individual woman, her diet, her genes, etc., but the weird food habits are proving false as well. For me, that is. Although, I confess that the pickle thing may very well be true. Every day, no kidding, I have a remarkably strong craving for pickles and chocolate ice cream (not together - the horror!), which are among the top of my list of favorites. The delightful Kit Kat bar and tasty Twix are close seconds, as far as chocolates go. Undoubtedly, and in all seriousness, God Himself must have taken his sweet time on the creation of chocolate. It is that delicious.

I could chatter on all day about chocolates and such, easily as I'm distracted, but chocolate wasn't supposed to be the point of my story today. However... now I'm thinking about chocolate, and most especially that king-sized Kit Kat bar presently lying so uselessly on my kitchen counter downstairs. Even so, I'm quite comfortable where I am, snuggled up under my warm comforter (outside, the weather is below 20 degrees, which, by far, is entirely too cold for me) and I simply have no desire to move from this spot.

And so, the chocolate must wait until tomorrow, which of course, only causes me to want it even more because I have just made it unattainable. First, I could not be more relaxed than I am at this moment and, basically, that makes the laziness even harder to deny. Secondly, given that I am pregnant, I have found excuses to be much more accessible, and since they are, I've found I quite enjoy to use them on a regular basis. Take, being lazy, for example. Alas, now it totally makes sense to me! Laziness was originated strictly for the pregnant woman. And lastly, because when it all boils down to it, the off-limits are always the most desirable to have.

But seriously, how long do I really believe I can ignore the chocolate? I just can't. I know I can't. But, for some reason, I continue to sit here, writing this silly story about chocolate, the object of my obsession, ultimately knowing my will to resist it is about 90 percent non-existent. Probably because I'm so relaxed that my eyelids keep trying to fall shut, but I fight against sleep for one reason: I'm sure you can guess. Maybe because my bed is so comfortable, partly due to the feather bed I purchased from Target and partly because it is so incredibly warm that, I know if I move right now, it just won't be the same when I return. Maybe I'm resisting because eating before bedtime is terribly bad and unhealthy to do. And maybe...

Hang on! I'll be right back...
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