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by skifox
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #1634341
Intro I came up with about 15 year old twin girls. Meant for an 11-16 audience.
Rose’s day

Well today was sooo cool. My friend Dylan and I finally started putting our band together, we found a bassist, Mike and Dylan’s brother, Josh is our lead guitarist. Dylan’s drummer and I’m singer and rhythm guitarist. Oh man, I have a good feeling about this band; it’s going to be so exciting. We were talking about names, and we can’t think of one. We like Turtle Crossing and Secret Celebration, but they don’t seem that amazing, and an amazing band needs an amazing name. Afterschool we started our first band practise, and it’s fair to say we’ll need to have a lot more of these practise sessions. But after we messed around, and Josh is cuuuute, he’s in high school and everything. He is an amazing guitarist, he said that he’d help my with my guitar if I needed it, I think he likes me.

I got home, all excited about my band and Robyn totally shot me down saying that the idea was lame because I can’t sing. Well I can. And she’s all up in my face with her new job and the fact that her new boyfriend, old man Walden, will let her ride on his horses. Horses are stupid, bands are not. Hayley was excited about my band; she is such a cool sister. Robyn and I are twins, which is totally lame because it means that I’m stuck with her by my side the whole time, people can’t ever invite us to stuff separately. Then Hayley is my little sister and she’s a twin too. Yeah, two twins, crazy huh? My other sister is Heather, and she’s alright. I’ll give her a 6/10 on the sister scale. Robyn gets a big fat zero. And I have a little brother, Andrew, who is adorable. Biiig family, but I love it. Except for Robyn, what a loser. The rest of the evening I didn’t really do much, Hayley was trying to impress me with her signing; she wants to be in our band so much it’s kind of cute. I was on msn to Dylan trying to come up with band names, but nothing was very good. So I started writing some lyrics instead, and it was fair to say they were pretty amazing. That was pretty much my day, damn exciting stuff.

Robyn’s day.

Well today was a pretty normal day in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Except that I got my first ever job today. Yeah! It is going to be awesomeeee. It’s on a farm with their own horses and this amazing dog called Maine. And I’ll be earning money so I can buy all kinds of cool things now, like my own pet. That would be so cool. I might get a turtle, or a chinchilla, or a parrot. So after a boring day of school, I went down to the farm and Mr Walden showed me around, I’ll have to basically clear poop and fill food troughs, but he’ll let me ride his horses and the goats are so cute, there’s this one called Dorin that is the coolest goat I have ever met, and I’ve met like five goats.

When I went home, Rose was all in my face bragging about her new band. Oh Rose is my twin. No, it’s not that cool. Everyone always says “wow, twins, you’re so lucky”. She’s my little sister; I bet you don’t like your little sister. I have two more little sisters, they’re twins too, crazy huh? They’re Heather and Hayley, two years younger, then there’s little Andrew, he’s five. I’m lucky to have him, because he’s adorable, Rose is not. So she was acting all cool at dinner just because she was in a stupid band. The band didn’t even have a name, so it must have been stupid. And I bet the band won’t get her any money, like my amazing new job. I promised Heather that she could ride the horses with me if Mr Walden let her, because I like Heather – she thought the band was silly. So what did I do after dinner? Oh yeah, I put Andrew to bed and read him a bedtime story, it was about a giraffe who lost his spots. By that time it was raining, and I didn’t really want to go down to the park just to look at the cute skater boys, as cute as they are, I don’t look good wet so it would have been a bit of a wasted trip. So instead I did my math homework and then went to bed, other than the job it was just a normal day.
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