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Inspired by the quiet night.
I came outside to play with my cats but I don't see them. Instead, I got distracted by the night. It seems that I am the only one waking on the street. Further out, the world goes on. But in this bubble, there is tranquility. What makes the night breeze, I wonder. Surely it is not the same thing that makes the day's. For they are so different...

My company is the waking animals all around. It seems as if we are in sync, not bothered by each other's presence. - A car comes. I wonder what its occupants are thinking as they see me here. A boy walks up to it, seemingly from nowhere, and gets in. They leave and the smile on my face asks f he has just sneaked out. I don't recall ever seeing him before. But, then again, I'm not the best neighbour.

The night is quiet except for the speeding cars on the surrounding roads, barking dogs and chirping crickets. You can feel the air is moving ever so slightly... Subtle. But the leaves still manage to move. The moon is so bright, and the sky clear. You wouldn't think it were the dead of night if not for the stillness. The atmosphere is romantic. And as I stand here, looking out at its beauty, I feel my fingers call (out) for a cigarette.

It's the perfect setting for a cigarette, don't you think? Alone at night but accompanied by the moon and the few clouds that have chosen to remain awake... and smoke, the taste of tobacco, calming the brain. It is a high, almost intoxicating, but still... romantic... A cigarette at home between these cracked dry lips... Or maybe a glass of wine... Or, on another note, a silent lover in the shadows gently touching and breathing on my neck. I think, "Should we make love?"
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