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My character profile for round 1 of the Character Creation contest.
Gender: Male
Name: Hargath
Age: 130
Race/Class: Human Dark Priest
Skills: The ability to absorb the vital essences of any living thing he is touching. The ability to communicate with and command shades. Skilled at stealth attacks with a dagger.
Description: Hargath is thin and strong and looks deceptively young. He wears a crimson robe beneath a black cloak. His straight, jet black hair is cropped short. His eyes are piercing gray.

Hargath studied the quartet gathered at the edge of town on the road ahead of him as he strode towards them. His hand caressed the ebony handle of the ceremonial dagger tucked into his belt. By the looks of those gathered, the people who were to be his traveling companions were the kind of people he detested most. They were the kind of people who believed in the greater good and doing good things for their own sake. He snorted as he considered such foolish notions.

One of them, a Druid judging by his green cloak and the delicately carved staff he carried, spotted him. He could almost imagine the scowl that must be crossing the other man's face. He saw the man say something to his companions, and another man began to approach Hargath. This one looked like a warrior, perhaps from the Intendi clan.

The man called to him, "Identify yourself, stranger, and state your business here at this late hour."

Hargath took a few more steps, rolling his eyes at the presumption dripping from the man's tone. It was clear that this warrior had already taken it upon himself to be the spokesman for this group. I suppose I may as well play along for now, Hargath said to himself. After all, it was far better to support a leader he could manipulate than make a target of himself by assuming leadership himself. He stopped and nodded to the warrior as he spoke. "I am Hargath, priest to the dark goddess, Zashara. I am here because my Queen has bidden me to seek out the new evil that is plaguing these lands. In essence, my quest is the same as I believe yours to be."

The other man frowned at that. "I find that hard to believe. I know of the cult of Zashara. Its members tend to delight in evil, rather than in its demise. Why should you seek to go against the nature of your order?"

Hargath sneered at the man. "Yes, I delight in evil. I neither deny nor apologize for that fact. However, not all evil is the same. I live to obey the commands of my Queen, and to carry out her dark will. This new evil is not a part of her dark will."

The other man smirked. "So the truth is revealed. You do no seek to put an end to evil so much as to destroy one who might prove to be a threat to your own goddess's reign."

Hargath returned the warriors smirk. "Precisely. So while our precise motives may not line up, our aims are more or less the same. Might I suggest that we join forces for as long as that remains the case? I don't know about you, but I'd rather know I only need to face one source of hostility rather than two at this juncture."

(Word Count: 556)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1634621