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by Dark
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I have been working on this for a few months and i want to show it to the readers.
There was a small fort at the mountains of Apenin that is named Fort Shenku.It was the heart between the war between Rome and the Gaul.Those days Rome owned Shenku.The Gaul king Brennua was furious of the situation.He had a young son, Sothe.He had long black hair and eyes and had a strange symbol on his hand.Nobody knew what it meant.His father Brennua has given a job to Sothe.It was written that Shenku is Gauls land and Gaul must own it.Young Sothe was given a very hard job, bu he was ready.With 300 men he went to fort Shenku.They feared the dark woods as mystic creatures and bandits would hunt passing people.Especially the resistance against Gaul and Rome, named as the crusaders were hiding here.As they moved young Sothe sensed a presence of danger.At the bushes the blond haired blue eyed archer Leonardo and his friend Edward the brown haired and brown eyed warrior.He was shorter than him so he was called "shorty" in their base.Leonardo readied an arrow and waited for the right time to shoot it.The first arrow would be the morale of the army, if you hit someone they go with more morale.Then the first arrow was thrown.It hit one of the swordsman.With its blood getting spilled the army comes out from the bushes.Sothe was very calm.He took out his dagger and ran towards the crusaders with his army behind.The front wave crashed to each other.Archers were shooting there arrows with great speed.Sothe was stabbing the people who came in his way.Young but naive Edward was attacking fiercely.The Gaul army was getting bad damage as Leonardo and the archers were attacking.Leonardo pulled another arrow and aimed for Sothe.Sothe was fast enough to dodge the arrows coming towards him.While the fight continued Sothe ordered a retreat.As the Gaul ran the crusaders knew they were gonna return...
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