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Television show.
        The Following are transcripts from a television show that took place in my head last night around Midnight. It is completely fictionally and written by me. The recipes are real and taste wonderful. They were created by me for the purpose of this show. It’s was intended to be a parody of an infomercial, but I kind of made it into a show. Welcome to the dry humoring styles of Justin White. I hope you enjoy it!

                          Coming to you via Justin’s Mind, Public Access Channel 11’s very own,

                                                                    Midnight Movie Recipes

      On tonight’s episode, Justin brings you his very own "Super Secret Special Hot Chocolate Recipe", being revealed for the first time tonight with special co-host, Tom Anderson. Now here he is……Justin White

“ME”- First off let me introduce myself, Hi I'm Justin White, the host of "Midnight Movie Recipes". A Fictionally T.V show that brings you some off the best recipes at times were you can't sleep and all you can think about is the next day, Isn't that right Tom?....

“Tom”- That’s right Justin, ha ha ha. Hi folks I'm Tommy Anderson. The co-host of tonight's very special episode of MMR were we finally reveal the most anticipated hot chocolate recipe this network has ever seen! I'm talking about of course "Justin's Super Secret Special Hot Chocolate Recipe".......

"Me"- That it is Tom, that it is….Well what do say we get started, eh Tom? 

"Tom"- Great idea Justin… First off you’re going to need a few items that you can find at your local grocery store..... Nestle Coco mix, Milk, and Hershey's Chocolate syrup……

"Me"- Now I now what a lot of you are thinking….. "How do I make this awesome treat without breaking the bank???”......

“Tom"- Well that's easy, ha ha ha. Remember folks, you don't have to buy name brands! Yea you heard me, "You don't have to buy name brands!” You can make this delicious concoction with virtually any brand whether it be "Great Value" or "The Kroger brand"....

"Me"- So now that the price is out of the way, How about we get to it?.....

"Tom"- It's about time! ha ha ha.....

"Me"- Ha ha ha, Tom, you old dog!!! Well let’s get started!

          Step 1). Your gonna need 3 packs of Nestle Coco Mix (the ones that mix with 6oz of water).......

“Me”- Now I know your wondering, does It mater if I have the same type of coco mix as you guys? ....

”Tom”- Not necessarily, now remember folks I did tell You could use any brand, but If you wanna get that same great taste we did,  I’d recommend  going with Switzerland’s own “Nestle” ……

“Me”-Your absolutely right on that one Tom, cause if it’s one thing the Swiss know how to do it’s make hot coco…….

”Tom”-That and pocket knifes! A ha ha

“Me”- TOMMY ANDERSON YOUR ARE A MAD MAN!!! A ha ha ha....Any who, lets keep on rollin shall we….Now this next step can be done one of two ways, in a microwave or on a stove. Either way it’s up to you. Which do you prefer Tom? 

“Tom”- Me personally, I prefer the stove. It  really puts you in the spirit of making delicious hot coco. And it also reminds you that those pots are use for other things then just holding water from your leaking roof! Ha ha
“ME”- Tom you are a hoot!!

          Step 2).  boil 1 and 3/4 of a cup of water on your stove or in a microwave, whichever you prefer.....

“Me”- Now for step 3 most people like to use their own personal mug. Now that’s fine, but your going to wanna mug big enough to hold all your ingredients, because your gonna finish making you hot coco in your mug! 

“Tom”- Wait….Did you just say, I’m gonna finish making my hot coco in my mug?????

“Me”- You heard right Tom. Your going to finish making it in your mug! Now I know you standard “on the go” mug is 20oz’s. Now that’s fine, but if you go that route you’re gonna have to use the bare minimum of ingredients. Me, I would definitely go with at least 24oz’s or more.

“Tom”- Yea that’s really the best way to go Justin. You really wanna be prepared when you’re on this step. After all, this is where the magic happens!

            Step 3).Your gonna need a mug big enough to hold that much power!!  so find one the correct size and empty your packs of coco mix in with the boiling water.... NOTE! You wanna have at least two inches of room left in your mug so you can add the rest of the ingredients .....

“Me”- Ok, so now you basically have a cup of hot coco, but it hasn’t be justified yet! It’s time to put the healthy part in this beverage.

“Tom”-You got that right. Your probably wondering what we mean by “healthy?” Well if you guessed milk, you’re absolutely right!

“Me”- Right you are Tom. They say it’s best to drink 4 glasses of milk a day.  Now, who can tell me how many of us out there do that.

“Tom”- I know I sure don’t! a ha ha ha. 

“Me”- Well Tom if theirs one thing your keen on, its honesty ha ha ha!

“Tom”- Well at least this way you’ll have fun knocking scratchin some of those glasses of the list! Ha ha ha. Speaking of glasses, ours is looking pretty delicious….

”Me”- Delicious indeed Tom. Well let’s keep on truckin so the water doesn’t get cold! Ha ha ha……

                        Step 4). Pour in 1/4--1/2  cup of milk (whichever you prefer, I used 1/2!).

“Tom”- Now this is my favorite part, “It’s Hershey Syrup Time!” This is the final step in creating your masterpiece.  It’s the easiest, but in my opinion, the most important part!

“Me”-You got that right Tommy my boy. So in this step you really wanna, how do you say, “Hit the nail on the Head.” Now why do you think that is Tom?

“Tom”- I’ll tell you exactly why that is Justin. Most people these day, like myself, have a specific taste. So you really wanna get that taste you’re most comfortable with. In other words, you don’t wanna end up with a cup of coco that’s either unbearably sweet, or heaven forbid not sweet enough!

“Me”- I couldn’t of said it better myself Tom. Now theirs really only two way to do this, one being of course the way it’s listed or….. “My Way”

“Tom”-And what would that be old friend?

“Me”- I’m glad you asked. “My Way” is simply going with your gut! You just gotta know how much you want and more importantly……when to stop! Ha ha ha.

                      STEP 5). Mix in a tbsp of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup! Or a few Squirts like I did!!!

“Me”- Well know that you’re done with the last step, you should be staring at your very own “Super Secret Special Hot Coco”

“Tom”- And what a magnificent sight it is Justin.

“Me”- Thanks Tom. Well that’s about all the time we have left.

“Tom” Right you are Justin and don’t forget to join us next week folks when we bring you one of my timeless creations! Yep, you heard right. I’ll be back next week when I bring you my famous “Juggernaut Breakfast Burrito.” It was voted “Burritozilla’s” “Breakfast Burrito of the Year” three years runnin! You’ll see me and your favorite Midnight Chef as we make this incredible monster come to life, for the first time ever, before your very eyes!!! Well it’s been fun everybody. I believe we have two mugs of hot coco with our names on them sir…

”Me”- You got that right Tom. Well that’s the end of our show.  I hope you had fun making my famous hot coco and don’t forget to join us every week as we bring you new and exiting recipes that should take your taste buds into OVERDRIVE!!!! I’m Justin White

“Tom”- And I’m Tom Anderson.

“Together”- Thanks for watching “Midnight Movie Recipes”

                                                                        The End.

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