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by Utsav
Rated: E · Review · Sci-fi · #1635201
A review on the 3d movie avatar.
On December 17th 2009, the European Box Office was hit by the 3D sensation, Avatar. This long awaited movie had already made over a billion dollars just two weeks after its release. Avatar was the most expensive movie to make in the history of hollywood, but the three hundred million dollars invested did not disappoint.

Jake Sully, a disable ex-marine in the U.S. navy was notified of his brother's death. He was told of his brothe's secret mission on the planet of Pandora and how urgent it was that he continued this mission. Looking at this oppurtuninty as a new exciting path in his life, he took it.

Jake was soon sent to Pandora and brought into the laboratory to be given further information on his mission. Through genetic modification, an avatar of his brother was produced. The DNA of his brother was joined with the DNA of the local human species, the Na'vi. Only Jake could control his brother's avatar since he had the same genes as him.

The leader of the mssion were after a stone worth over $20 million per kilo which was only found on Pandora. The aim of the being to drive the Na'vi away and mine for the stone. The avatars were sent into the outside world to learn the ways of the local tribes, to gain their trust and finally to ask them to relocat their tribe somewhere else.

Jake was sent into his avatar for the first time where he woke up in the nursing room in his new body. It felt great to be in a mobile body especially having his legs back. He was ordered to relax yet he couldn't control his excitement. He got on his feet and ran until he was out of breath.

He was gien training and soon adapted to his avatar form, the outside world awaited him. The mission had commenced.Jake was accompanied by two others, Grace and Paul. Grace was a very experienced scientist who had already encountered the Na'vi and had also befriended many of them. The forest was beautiful, full of various different life forms, none like the ones on earh. Whilst the other two were collecting samples of the plant life, Jake went exploring.

Not far into the jungle and Jake found himself facing a herd of what he believed were rhinocerous. Jake had a gun but didn't think it would be of any help. Grace had advised him not to use it, telling him that the thick armour on the animal's body could not be penetrated by a gun. Soon the animal turned back and ran. Jake thinking that it was him who scared them away was cheering until, Grace told him to turn around. Jake realised that what had scared the rhinos was a giant insect, the size he had never seen before. Without even questioning what he was going to do, he made a run for his life. The chase was intense and he finally found himself at the botton of a waterfall.

Jake had to spend a night in the jungle. Grace and Norm had no hope and were pretty sure that he was already dead. Jake was getting prepared for being attacked by making himself a spear as hed had lost his gun during the chase. Darkness arrived and it was time to light a fire. Jake used the handle of his spear to wrap in cloth and dab in the oil of a flower nearby. He took out his matchbox, but many of the matchsticks were damaged by water. Eventually, he got a matchstick to light. He lit his spear realising that he was surround by a pack of wolves, at least what seemed to be wolves.

They wre circling him, looking for a signal of fear. Jake didn't back off; he stay put, his lighted stick in his hands. Then one by one the wolves attacked and Jake walloped them with the stick. But there were too many of them to fight and they overpowered him. Out of nowhere a Na'vi with a bow and arrows targeted each wolf and shot them dead. She grasped onto his stick and threw it into the water. Jake could now truly see the beauty of the jungle. Almost each plant was illuminating, the jungle was naturally lit into various different colours.

Jake walked forward to thank the Na'vi. The Na'vi told him to be sorry, those animals didn;t deserve to die and that Jake was like a baby, making noise and catching the eyes of the wolves. Jake asked why she helped him, why did she not just let them kill him. She said that his soul was pure. He followed her but on the way some of the local Na'vis surrounded him pointing their arrows at him. Neytiri, the Na'vi who accompanied Jake got in their way, telling them to lowere their arrows.

Jake was brought to the leader of the clan. Jake was put in front of him to help the clan leader decide whether to kill Jake or not. Neytiri  explained to Jake what was happening and that her father was decidion of his death.. Neytiri's mother judged Jake's blood by tasting it. He had pure blood and he was given a chance to explain his reason for going there. He told them that he wanted to learn their ways.

They accepted his offer and Neytiri had the responsibility of teaching him their ways. Jake learned their language, about their goddess, Eywa and their lifestyle. He realised that the tentacles on the tip of his pnytail was used to build a bond between him and the life around him. When the avatar slept, Jake woke into his normal body and gave the information to the other scientists.

Jake was soon ready to be part of the Na'vi. He was passed through a ceremony and was now one of the people. He was now to choose a lady; he picked Neytiri. The next day, a bulldozer arrived to drive away the people living in the jungle. Jake damaged the cameras to stop the bulldozer. The captain in the bulldozer recognized that it was Jake and whilst Jake ran to the people of his clan, the captain stopped him by taking the plugs out of his machine.

Jake, Grace and Norm were locked in a cell, but a few scientists who supported them broke them out and back to the lab. They relocated their lab so that they wouldn't be found. Jake had lost the trust of the Na'vi and so tried to capture the greatest flying creature, a Toruk. By flying this bird, he was seen as the saviour of the people. The war had begun and Jake gathered many clans to fight the humans. The helis were attacked by the air army and the ground military by the cavalry. The Na'vi were overpowered and had to retreat but Eywa sent the wild animals to strike. The entire Pandora was facing the humans.

The humans were truly defeated yet the captain wouldn't fall without taking Jake with him. Neytiri came to Jake's rescue, her poisonous arrows strikin the captain down in less than a minute. Jake and his supporting scientists with the help of the Na'vi drove the humans out of the camps. Jake finished his log and with the aid of Neytiri's mother, adapted his avatar form forever.
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