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Rated: E · Serial · Action/Adventure · #1635275
A series about spying. Recruited to the CIA.Recommended for Boys
The Super Bomber

Phongsakorn Saiyavath

Martial Arts

12 Years ago Washington DC USA

The day Mrs. Holterson gave birth to twin Felix and Rachel was the day she died. Felix and Rachel were brought to Oxfam Immediately. Pampered by nurses and maids from all over the world, they were the only few who have maids to look after them.
Starting from the age of three Felix and Rachel both had one thing in common. They liked martial arts which became a problem to the Oxfam's supervisors, when they started to kung fu other kids. But they quickly dealt with that. They hired a specially trained Martial Arts teacher.

The CIA had always suspected the Holtersons to have a relative living under a pseudonym somewhere in America who smuggles heroine. Given the chance they sent in one of their own martial arts teacher Alex Straiss. Alex’s job is to teach, his mission is to find out anything about any existing member of the Holterson’s.

When Felix and Rachel were ten they had finished and mastered every martial art known The CIA still had no clues to the Felix and Rachel’s relatives. Alex however wishes the CIA to recruit Felix and Rachel. The CIA granted his wish and therefore allowed Alex to still keep in contact with Felix and Rachel until the age of recruitment, typically 12. So Alex had to still maintain connection. Therefore Alex taught Felix and Rachel to be conscious of everything around them. He taught them to recognize the accent of every language, he took them star gazing etc.

When Felix and Rachel were twelve the transfer was made immediately the day after their birthday. The CIA hushed it all up.


Present CIA HQ

Dizzy and confused Felix and Rachel found themselves tied into a leather armchair in an office. Inside the office a stranger was strolling the room. Something very suspicious was going on in this room. There had to be an explanation.

"Ah!" said the man turning around to look at them both;" I am General Carson, but you can call me General."

Receiving no reply the General went on. You are in a CIA headquarter right now. Your tutor Alex Straiss, he's a CIA. We've been investigating your family for a long time. But not to worry. Now look, Felix and Rachel, I want you to become one of us. To put it in other words: a CIA"

General Carson went to untied them.

"How can we be sure that we can trust you?" Asked Felix.

"I can bring in your tutor" Said General.

"How are we to know from him whether he's CIA and not part of a mafia?;" asked Rachel.

"I'll show you my badge, if you want."

"Gimme a look. I always liked looking at a badge;" Said Felix.

The general gave him his badge. Felix has a good look at it. "Its real" said Felix.

"So when does the training start?" asked Rachel.

"A few guns, learn the codes and you'll be complete. Lets say around a month"

"You will also need a new surname."

"Lets go for Gibb." Suggested Felix

"Agreed;" said Rachel

"What about fighting skills?" asked Felix.

"Alex gave you all the fighting skills you need."

Gun Room

Present CIA HQ

After Felix and Rachel was introduced to everybody, including Alex. They went into the gun room with Markus AKA. Gunman. Felix and Rachel needed to invent a gun.

Felix invented a deadly gun. This gun's bullet can penetrate an armor easily. With 4 shots circulation it can give a very satisfying result. With black background and gold embossing. This thing have s built in laser attached. Its code is DG-3.

Rachel's gun is a camouflage gun. It looks like a broken gun. That however is just a cover. Inside is a gun with a high capability like a Glock cross with a sniper. On the top of the gun between two bridges is a square magnifying glass for use of far aiming.

Once the gun is made, Felix and Rachel was led to an indoor shooting range. They both had good aim.Felix's gunmanship was very well done, Rachel however needs more education when to aim for the heart and when to aim for the head.
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