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i couldn't afford another.
i chewed slowly,
the waffle,
held between my fingers,
i realised,
that waffle's the last,
i can't afford that,
i can't afford another,
but it's just a waffle,
which will finish,
when, i can't tell.

i chewed slower,
the waffle.
the particular piece,
the one i thought,
would be the last,
which made me wonder,
what if there's another,
that i could afford,
but not now,
some time from now,
will it be the same?

i stopped,
i refused to chew,
my waffle,
i'd grown fondly of,
i looked at it,
i immortalised it,
i closed my eyes,
and felt the grids,
this's the last,
the final piece,
with this gone,
i'll have no more.

i held,
the waffle,
in front of me,
time's up,
i've to hurry,
i did it,
i had to!
i sighed.

"waffles, anyone?"
i smiled.

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