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Total Free Writing
This is item hopefully won't get searched or read. The start of my writing hobby is now. This can be the first insert of a new achievement in my life. I'm not going to follow any kind of grammar rules or english class laws that we are taught to follow in our classrooms. I'm just gonna follow my heart and write what comes to mind about my writing career that won't get off the ground until I really try. There are reasons why I haven't done this yet. One is no balls, the other is, I don't know 100% what I want to write. Throughout my site at www.writing.com I will copy some things on to some short stories that I have started but didn't have the knowledge to finish or the time, because of false accusations I have convinced myself that I couldn't do or wouldn't do, or just to plain lazy to do. Once I get in a rhythm of writting I should just fly through this and we'll get along great.

So to those who probably aren't going to read this. Good luck in understanding anything I might have to say in this writing.

Day number TWO:
Again I'm not really going to follow grammar rules in this entry I'm just going to have and get me out there in this community. I would like to take this time and thank my first response to this entry.

Kathy, I will do my best to keep the humor in my writing and just write my thought out. Because now i know two people in this world think I'm funny. The other is my wife. Sorry ladies I'm taken.

Right now my wife is watching the Biggest Loser from this week.They were just talking about how this guys is carrying 315 lbs. of excess fat. That's crazy.

Bob cracks me up.

You can't tell if it's true sympathy or it's all an act. Same goes for Jillian. Myself I'm nieve to people like that.

People in my past that I thought were out to help me have always just been out to use me. Now not in your typical way. Just in a buisness kind of way. I thought My first platoon Sergant in the army was out to make me a better soldier. Here fourteen years later I find out that all he is, is a selfish out for himself asshole. Now this is coming from people that I served with. People that I thought were my friends. Turns out that their people that I served with and I new really well. I was on the outside of their click and invited in every once in awhile.

We recently had a reunion that was great. It was really great to see them all again and my wife and I had a really great time. The only probelm I had with was that I didn't share alot of their stories. I wasn't involved because I was more like the Gomer Pyle of the group. Yeah they all said they were glad I came and were genuinely glad to see me. It was that just realized that I wasn't part of that group in the way I thought I was. It was like a nerd getting slapped with the fact that he was nerd in high school and needs to accept it. I find it funny and ironic.

To end this entry I ask: Do fat guys look fatter with short Hair?

Day three:

Who knows if it makes us fat guys look fatter and sometimes us fat guys just don't care.

I must be crazy I'm answering my own questions. How else are to find the answers we want?

Every one have a good time this is a short entry.

The continutation of this free writitng article is going to be the end of the this free writing article. The reasons of just putting me out there ( just thoughts out of my head as they occur), literally, as I'm thinking I'm just putting it down.

Isn't that what free writing is? Of cousre. We sometimes hide our thoughts as human beings. Also sometimes we just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.

Others do half and half, I believe these are the people that really have it together. I believe when you can balance your ying and yang your in harmony. According to some martial arts and religions, that's where we all should be to live in peace in harmnony.

Words can be like a stream or they can be like dynamite.

A Stream flows and stays clean and pure for the most part. Keeping all the impurties flowing away from all who need the nurtering care it supplies for the life around it.

Dynamite just explodes. Causing chaos, destructuion, confusion.
After the smoke clears, there could be serenity, collectivness, a calm after the storm if you will.

My point is that sometimes you just have to light a stick of dynamite and start all over again.

I'm not really sure how to elabrate more on this. It seems pretty much to the point.

Well all that review this. I appreciate and hopefully write more real soon.

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