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A poem I wrote on the horror of the war
In 1914 a bullet was fired,
a one to end all,
from this bullet terror was freed and a war to end all,
for four years it went on till all was no more,
than peace rained for years after the fall.

Then however the monster was not dead,
but secretly working in a great man’s head,
plotting and scheming away,
not missing one simple day,

Then in 1939 after many a hiccup its terror freed again,
where more poor Souls got tortured again,
from their fathers trenches to terror on the world the German army would rise,
and who got in front of them never thrived.

Bombs, hundreds of bombs would fall down on anything in its way,
for many a poor soul it would be there last day,
blitzkrieg was the mad man plan,and in the beginning it worked on any clan,
Back in most of the enemies home land,
there was the evil ones plan to send all who they thought were bad, wrong or missing a hand,

to horrible camps enemies went were the chances of surviving where 1 in a million,
in to these camps went all who got captured,
they were treated fairly for soilders in Germany and Brittan,
it was not as bad as Japan,
there all you had to look forward to was torture and death.

After all the terror and all the sadness,
when it was on all it was madness,
after the end nothing but terror was left,
a new great country brought to the ground,

as for the other,
it stopped by the devils inferno.
After the bloodshed many glad,
but soon after many more where sad,
for after the terror that was caused by the war,
soon another would rise more risky than before.
And now this is not the end,
but a warning to my fellow man,
soon that will bullet return agan...
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