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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #1636151
Very Short Story
  Alice and Frank were two of a kind, although not in the sense we would usually think of.  Oh yes, they had many things in common, though they were, in a sense, worlds apart.
  Alice was a very pretty young lady, with long flowing blond hair, even-tempered, and a very pleasant personality.
  Frank, on the other hand, was also a nice, handsome blond.  He was well-groomed, well-muscled, and a little taller than Alice.  Around his neck he wore a gold chain, to which was clipped a gold medallion.  On the medallion was stamped a bright red cross.  But Frank, at times, could be pretty mean, and was very protrective. 
  Each day at noon, Frank and Alice would sit close to each other and stare into each other's eyes, while they waited for their food.  They did not talk very much, but even when they did, the content was minimal and sometimes unintelligible.  Sometimes it was so noisy that they could hardly hear at all; but it didn't seem to make any difference.  When their food came, they would turn away and eat somewhat noisily, but always gracefully, and then go on their separate ways.
  Theirs was a natural relationship.  Each meal they ate side by side; and sometimes, after dinner, they would take their naps; never getting close enough to share each others presence.
  Whether or not they were next to each other didn't seem to bothe them,  They each led their own lives, fought their own battles, and dreamed their own dreams.
  They came to live with me, and to some extent, lived happily ever after.

  (Note:  Alice and Frank are two dogs separated by a glass wall in a pet store.) 
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