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by Snert
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Secret Ladies Undecover Tatical Squad A secret crime fighting unit of Women
Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad

The First Meeting.

It was nothing special nor was it even different from any other office, just a desk with a chair behind it. Only one door allowed you in or out. A phone sat on the desk within easy reach on the left, other than that, there were no pictures hanging on the dull painted walls. Not even one of those dumb motivational posters. The only thing unusual about the room was that there were six chairs, three on either side of the door and they all faced the desk.

Boomer, an African American woman with a strong jaw line left no doubt that she took no crap from any one; she was the first to arrive, standing outside the door she looked at a small business card size piece of paper. Looking at the door she saw the room number, ‘69’. Ignoring the sexual overtones that the people of this country enjoyed about the number 69, she sighed and walked into the room. Looking around she quickly sized up the room. One exit, it could be a trap. She chose the chair next to the door that offered the fastest escape if need be. Sitting down she adjusted her African robe so that she could draw her weapon if needed.
On the run from powerful men of her own country for putting down a coo attempt with one sniper shot, she had accepted the mysterious woman Jojo’s offer of sanctuary if she went to work for her.

Briefs arrived next; she just barely cleared the five foot tall mark, taller if you counted her long dark hair in a neat bun on top of her head. She barley even glanced at the door number as she entered the doorway and stood looking sizing up the room. One desk and five chairs, this was a small gathering and it should be over quickly she thought to herself. She took the chair on the other side of the door as she placed her brief case on the floor. It took her a moment to settle into the chair as she made sure her brown pin stripe mini skirt and matching top with suit jacket and tie were all neat. After adjusting the top of her stocking so they would be straight, she clasped her hands in her lap and waited.
She had offers from the best top legal offices across the nation; of course scoring a perfect 100 in law school and graduating two years early had brought her to the attention of the legal world, attention she did not want.
Nobody would have suspected her law school was already paid for by her part time job as a dancer, which is except for Jojo who enjoyed watching her dancing skills and offered her a low profile job with her.

Red arrived and stood outside the door looking at the card to make sure she had the right room. The six foot tall, bright red haired woman stood smirking to her self, she entered the doorway and looked at the others in the room, neither one in the room greeted her but they did look her over. Red decided the best place was a chair closest to the wall so she could see everybody else in the room. Walking past Briefs, she dragged the end chair a slight distance away from the others.
Red, as she was called, had worked for the top secret government organizations as a profiler. She was the best but that had gotten her into trouble. Working on a case she figured out what the secret organization was up to and had tried to blow the whistle on them. Later that very afternoon, she found herself standing in the middle of a crude hut on the side of a jungle mountain somewhere in South America. The closest person with in fifty miles of jungle had just dropped her off at gun point and was quickly leaving in the only vehicle for a hundred miles around.
The next day, Jojo stopped by for tea, Jojo also brought the tea.

Alita arrived next. She checked her PDA to make sure she was at the right room according to GPS coordinates. The computer wiz looked like she had stepped out of some sifi movie. A flowery mid thigh dress covered by a white smock coat, her black hair done up in a messy attempt at a bun. Stepping in side the room she quickly looked around and chose a chair, the one next to Boomer. Sitting down she quickly got back to work on the PDA as she pushed the black frame glasses back up her nose.  She never noticed the others in the room checking her out.
Jojo had saved her from a certain life behind bars from her hobby of computer hacking. Her last hack had cost the World Bank to loose track of ten million dollars and they wanted it back.

Sneaks looked carefully around the door to see who was inside. Her career as a thief had taught her to ‘scope out’ the situation first. Slipping quietly in she spied Alita with her PDA, quickly she sat next to her and acted bored while trying to see what Alita was doing on her PDA.
Sneaks favorite past time was pick pocketing people and so she wore non descript clothing with her dirty blond hair looking like it could use a good combing, that way she could disappear in plain sight.
Sneaks had never been caught pick pocketing by any one, that is until Jojo caught her with a pair of hand cuffs that could not be picked. The cuffs had to be cut off as there was no key for them.

Tabi was the last to arrive and made no effort to hide the fact that she was there. Everyone in the room could hear her walking down the hallway with her boots clomping on the floor. Standing in front of the door she grinned at the number that told her she had arrived at the room. Tugging down on her tailored black leather coat she stepped into the room full of women looking at her. Seeing the only chair left she took her seat as she looked over the other women in the room. The one dressed in African style clothing would be her first one to take out in case of trouble, the slight bulge in the dress told her that she was packing heat. Tabi was impressed that the woman had made it past security with the weapon, but then she remembered that she herself had made it past security with all her weapons. 
Her excellent education and metal working skills made sure she was never without some means to fight.
Briefs could not help but steal quick glances at her. Tabi’s form fitting jeans and tight black tank top that was cut low made her heart beat quicker. Briefs imagined Tabi’s long brown hair flowing in the wind and open jacket revealing her firm perfect sized breasts under her tank top as she rode a motorcycle

The noise of a box being placed on the desk startled everyone in the room. None had seen or heard any one else walk into the room. Looking, they all saw Jojo standing behind the desk with her hands on the sides of the small box about one foot square. She wore a modest dress with her hair tied back in a loose ponytail. Most people would call the five foot seven woman ‘stocky’ or ‘big boned’.
Tabi’s eyes glazed over at the sight of Jojo. That little detail was not missed by Briefs.

“Thank you everyone for attending, my mane is Jojo.”
Jojo stood looking at the group of ladies gathered in the room now staring at her, none of which had seen or heard her enter the room.
“OK ladies, I want to thank you all for coming.” Jojo made it a point to look at each and everyone of them as she smiled.
“Each of you knows who I am, what you do not know is who is sitting next to you.”
The group looked at each other and then back at Jojo.
“I’ll start on this side.”
Jojo walked out from behind the desk and started on her left side of the room.
“Everyone, I want to introduce to you Sneaks.”
Sneaks looked at Jojo and started to protest her new name, but Jojo stopped her by placing her finger on Sneaks lips.
“But my name is…”
“Please, everyone, there is a reason for any name changes that you will discover later.”
She continued talking about Sneaks as she placed her hand on her shoulder.
“Sneaks has a special ability to, ah, acquire entry into hard to enter places. She is also excellent at urban camouflage.”
Seeing the confusion on some faces she explained.
“That means she’s good, very good at hiding.”

Jojo stepped next to Alita.
“This is Alita, she will be assisting us with computer and tech support.”
Alita smiled back at Jojo as she placed her hand gently on Alita’s cheek.
Sneaks took the opportunity to glance at what was on Alita’s PDA.

Moving on she came to the next one.
“Everyone, this is Boomer.”
Boomer got a smile on her face as she heard her new name.
“Boomer will be teaching us about ordinance uses. I strongly suggest you pay attention to her when she is teaching you any thing new.”

Stepping across the doorway, Jojo came to Briefs.
“Our legal expert is Briefs, she will make sure our work, works. If she tells you not to do something, you do not do it.”

Stepping next to Tabi Jojo gave her a thin smile.
Next is Tabi, she is our resident ‘bad girl’. She has intimate knowledge of the prison system, is very smart and very good with her hands…” Jojo paused, “working with metal.”

“Last but not least is Red. She will initiate contact with our subjects. She can and will tell us what our target is thinking.”
Jojo walked back behind the desk as the others still sat in silence watching her every move. Standing back behind the box Jojo spoke again.

“Ladies, you will all take one of these.” She dumped the boxes content onto the desk. Out spilled what looked like black leather wallets.
The ladies quickly each grabbed one and sat back down. Opening the ‘wallets’ they saw it was a badge. The golden badge inside the ‘wallets’ had large letters across the top spelling out, S.L.U.T.S. and on all of them at the bottom was the badge number 69.

Tabi smirked as she saw the letters and badge number.
“I don’t want to be…”
Jojo held her hand up to her lips to silence the room.
“Ladies, keep these with you at all times, as you are now all members of the
Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad.  Spelled short it is  S. L. U. T. S.
As such you are now ‘above the law’. Several of the ladies got big grins on their faces.
“However, that does not give you the right to do as you please. Any abuse of this and that person will be returned to where they came from. 
The grins quickly vanished.

“I have worked long and very hard to put together this team, so I expect 110% from each and every one of the team members.”
Jojo looked at the ladies watching her.
“Our mission is to clean up the city; we will be given the cases that the ‘other’ agencies can not solve. In other words, we’ll be taking out the garbage.”
Jojo pulled open the top desk drawer and reached in. She pulled out file folders and handed one to each of the ladies.
“This is our first case, please read the file and discuss a plan of action, then put it into effect.”
The ladies were all reading the folders and looking at the photos when Briefs asked a question.
“Jojo, this…” looking up to face her, Briefs was surprised to see Jojo was not in the room.
“Hey! Where did she go?”
They all looked up and saw the same thing, Jojo was gone and the rooms’ door was closed.
“I gotta find out how she did that,” muttered Sneaks.
So starts the organization known as S.L.U.T.S.

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