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Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #1636436
An unexpected appearance of the Darkar, what would Laurent do? Find out in Chapter 3!
“Laurent! We have to find cover! It’s an earthquake!”

“No Caleb! It’s something worse!”

The sounds of the grounds cracking and the surrounding trees falling, branches breaking and rocks falling, I’ve never seen something so intense out of a simulator before!

“Laurent! What’s going on?!”

I could see Caleb’s face was worried, the earthquake was getting worse, the ground was protruding into a cone like shape.

“Caleb no matter what happens you have to trust me no matter what!”

Caleb looked me in the eye and gave a vigorous nod

My Scale Cell had a message

You have full dragon power

Just as I finished reading the message a being with a dark powerful aura emerged from the depths of the cracks.

“I will not have my plans to become a Darkar be disturbed by a young hatchling dragon such as yourself accompanied by a powerless human! BE GONE!”


“SHIELD OF ICE!” I shouted instinctively. And a stream of ice shot out of my palm shielding us from the blaze for the moment, but I knew the fire was too strong and I knew my shield would not hold. I knew this was no time to hesitate but Caleb was here and who knows what kind of trouble I could get in for revealing my true form to a human. My shield cracked and could only last for a few more seconds, there was no time for hesitant thoughts anymore.
The fire was too strong and I knew my shield would not hold

“Ways of transformation; true form PHASE”

I burst of out of clothes into a dragon for the first time in front of a human and saw Caleb’s eyes in shock. I projected my thoughts to Caleb

“Get on and hurry, hold on tight!”

I flapped my wings with the most strength it could master and I took off leaving a circle of dirt floating at the area where I initially was.

“You won’t escape me that easily!”. The Darkar growled.


Green flames were chasing up to me! At this rate it would surround me and incinerate me and Caleb.

“Caleb HOLD ON”

Immediately he wrapped his arms around my neck encircling it as much as he could, I flipped and faced the green fire


I expelled freezing ice out of my jaw overpowering the emerald flames. With the steam produced by the contact of the flame and the ice I used it as a cover to get away. I knew I had come clean with Caleb.


“Caleb calm down!” I said, trying to calm Caleb down so that he can think rationally, however what use of asking him to think rationally when there’s a dragon projecting thoughts into his head. This is more than anything a normal human teenage boy can comprehend.

“How the hell am I supposed to calm down when I’m sitting on a roommate who turns out to be a goddamn dragon?! And wait last I checked DRAGONS DON’T EXISTS!”

“Caleb, first of all if dragons don’t exists that what am I and what are YOU riding on! And please explain in the most rational and most logical way what you just saw! And how are you hearing me in your head!”


“I can’t!”


“Because the creature you saw might follow us and the rest might be in danger!” I said, at least Caleb kept quiet after realising I was right, I flew back to the cave I had explored earlier, even a Darkar would not be able to find us in such a large cave. I ripped out some branches from trees along the way and landed deep inside the cave, arranging the branches and twigs to the best I can with my claws and ignited it so that Caleb wouldn’t get cold.

I phased back into my human form and conjured clothes, even though I know this is not the best time but human bodies are so troublesome, with such little body warmth and the need to wear clothes is such a chore.

I sat on the other side of the fire as me and Caleb didn’t say a word to each other. I always hated this awkward silence. I took out my Scale Cell and walked further away from Caleb. I quickly dialed for Jesse but was taken aback when I saw Captain Gamma on the screen.

“Laurent, the magic levels provided by the sensory team indicates it was the Darkar, it’s quite a miracle that you survived. Be glad that you had your powers returned to you in the nick of time.”

“Captain Gamma, surviving against the Darkar was hard, his magic was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before, whether it was on field or in the simulator.”

“There is always a hesitant teacher who doesn’t want to let students know or try how much power a Darkar possesses. We have managed to make a custom transport system however can only transport small dragons in other words dragons of your sizes. However we did send someone who you will find out later on.”

“Captain Gamma, there is.. another problem.”

I observed Captain Gamma’s facial expression for any other changes which showed quite obviously that he was confused what else could pose a problem that would matter besides me surviving an exchange of blows with a Darkar. Captain Gamma realised that he was expression was giving his emotions away he quickly corrected it to his mundane poker face.
“When the Darkar revealed itself to me, a human student was with me.” I said, hoping for the best and most lenient reply a dragon could ever hope for.

“Well that is the least of our problems’ a mundane human teenager would not pose a threat to the magical realm. At least for now, however you are to explain the importance of secrecy or else we will wipe his memory clean. Now stay at your current location and wait for your backup to come, it shows that your current location has natural sulphur which confuses magical being’s senses which are constantly increasing at an incredible rate, in this case it’s the Darkar. With that please go back to the mundane human teenager named “Caleb”, Gamma out.”

I walked tentatively over to Caleb hoping that he won’t jump a sudden question or have some mental outburst and start screaming in my face or something, but then again I was told repeatedly not to let my imaginations run wild.

“Laurent, what’s this mark on my arm? It was on the back of my hand ever since I touched you while you were a —“Caleb cut his sentence abruptly clearly not wanting to say that I was a dragon, maybe he couldn’t accept it yet or something, yet the mark on the back of his hand looked strangely familiar yet I’m certain I’ve never actually seen it. It was protruding out of Caleb’s hand and it sort of looked like one of the element symbols and this looked like the Frost symbol, a snowflake. A symbol of how majestic and beautiful ice can be but yet can be oh so cold and turbulent.

“Caleb, I’m not sure why is that on your hand but there are other pressing matters that needs to be done.”

“Well I knew something was going to come up, well get on with it, I’m ready.”

I took a big breath and explained to him about why I was here and what the creature that attacked us was, after I was done I saw Caleb’s mouth slightly opened obviously taken aback by what he had just heard.

“I can’t believe that this fairy tale voodoo whatever is all real!” exclaimed Caleb

“I thought you said that you’re prepared!”

“Well I just wanted to hear what was going on! How am I supposed to know that I’m suddenly involved in some “magical realm” and that if I don’t keep my mouth shut, I would get a dragon made amnesia! “

“Well if you treasure your current memories then don’t say a word to anyone, but we can’t leave this cave until my backup comes.”

“So what you’re trapping me here?”

“Well you’re free to try and climb out of this cave but that would prove fairly impossible because we are approximately 87.5 floors high up if you calculate it in accordance to an average sky scraper.”

“Oh joy.” Caleb said sarcastically.

I kept silent, well cause I had nothing much to retort at his statement, true if it was me in his place I would be pretty exasperated.

Suddenly Caleb broke the silence

“So how do you die? Getting stabbed in the heart with a steel sword?”

“That’s bullshit, humans are such assuming know it all freaks, they think up of weird stories and legends on how to kill dragons but do you honestly think a simple steel sword can even penetrate my scales in the first place? Let alone my chest which has the thickest and most tough scales.”

Before Caleb was given a chance to reply, the area in front of us started to warp and distort showing signs of a warped hole, and light blinding to the humans eye made Caleb instinctively cover his eyes and look away, soon I saw a distinct shadow of a dragon getting bigger and bigger and a leg stepped out of the dimension.

Yo Laurent! The thoughts were projected from the dragon in front of me, so my backup was Jesse.

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