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A recurring nightmare that I had in high school.
Agony and shaking.

I was lying in my bed
Softly sleeping
Sweetly dreaming.
There’s a buzzing in my ears
The  piercing whine
Of our existence.
Eyes ajar
Dimly gazing at the ceiling
Finding meaning
Searching out constellations in the plaster.
Gleaming brass going dull
Lines converging on my eyes
And dancing in ecstasy and chaos.

The buzzing and the ringing
Filling all the silence and the sound
All the spaces in between
Heralding her coming.

Eyes ajar
Seeing barely through the lines.
The world is grey and hazy and my body cannot move.
But a vessel in my bed
Entombed in down and cotton
I can see her in the door:
Grey and white
And cold.
She floats though I can’t see her
I feel her coming closer.
Terror welling up – can’t scream!
She’s coming.
The sound is louder
And she’s coming.
Floating through the air where I can’t see.
She musn’t touch me.

I don’t know where she is.
I can’t move
I can’t breathe
Can’t SEE.

Those cold dry hands clamping ‘round my ankles
Holding me
An electric surge.
I can’t scream
I can’t pull away.
And she’s pulling.
Nothing to hold onto and she’s pulling.
So slowly
Under pristine folds and peaks
Being pulled out of my rest.
And then down.
Staring numbly up at a grey and dancing ceiling
I am pulled slowly down
Passing through my mattress to the floor beneath my bed.
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