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Everyone has their own dirty, shameful secret.
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Her Dirty, Shameful Secret

I was heading home when he suddenly appeared before me, as if he had materialized out of thin air. Impossible, I muttered to myself, silently chiding myself at my foolishness. Still... it was strange that I hadn't seen him before I crossed the street. He was huge, a very tall and very dark shadow of a man and he seemed remarkable out of place here in this rundown part of town. Squaring my shoulders, determined to get a grip on myself, I stood tall and motionless as I waited for him to make his next move.

It was my usual route home, after my night shift at the Bare-Naked Ladies Lounge . Not exactly my dream job, but it paid the bills and the people were nice enough. I lived two blocks away from the bar, which was another perk to the job, and after a few hours spent in the stuffy, smoky environment I usually enjoyed a nice, quiet stroll to my one-bedroom apartment.

The thought of my small apartment brought a frown to my face. Ever since I'd moved out of my mother's home at eighteen, I'd been living alone so my sudden dissatisfaction had me feeling somewhat puzzled. Leaving home had, at the time, been overwhelming in its relief and I'd long since grown accustomed to the freedom of being alone and being able to make my own decisions. So much so, I sometimes became too carless and complacent to my surroundings and forgot to use caution about the dangers when traveling on foot in the dark. I knew this; however, I thrilled on the darkness and all of its mysteries. Once the sun was gone and the moon shone brightly in the sky, a part of me I had no control over came alive, thrived on the way darkness swallows everything it encounters as a reminder we're powerless against it.

Standing over six feet tall, dark and magnificent, I was awestruck by his very presence, as if somehow he were holding me captive. The thought of being captured brought a picture of slave and master to mind, and a shiver traced its path down my spine. Unexpectedly, I felt powerless against him. I knew I should have been afraid, but I wasn't. Instead, I felt... a sort of hunger.

My reaction to this man was shocking. Shocking because he was a complete stranger to me, and yet, with a reason unknown to me and with no explanation, I wanted him with an intensity that was overpowering. I supposed the possible potential of danger had me excited and aroused. There could be no other justification as to why this man, who I had known less than five minutes, had my heart racing and my blood boiling. My skin tingled with anticipation as I watched him observe my reaction to him.

I wanted to turn away, to run away from the confusing emotions I fought to understand, but my feet would not budge. How annoying. And then… I was angry! Who did this man think he was to play games? How dare he try to use his size to intimidate and bully me like I was a useless pawn in some sick, twisted game. I tossed my hair in a defiance gesture to show him I would not be intimidated by him, and moved to go around him. No need to stand here in the middle of a dark alley with a stranger. Besides, I was distantly aware that if he’d wanted to hurt me, he already would have done so. But as I moved to go around him, my exit was block by a rock hard solid body of muscle.

“Not so fast.” His voice was velvet. Soft and deep, it stopped me in my tracks and my nipples tightened against the thin, flimsy chemise I wore. Oh, why had I chosen this night, of all nights, to wear silk? It was bizarre, the shameful way my body responded to his voice. I froze as his hand whipped out, faster than lightning, to grip my wrist. “Leaving so soon?” He was taunting me, daring me to be afraid of him.

Every instinct within me screamed to run, that this man was dangerous to me, but I couldn’t find the willpower to obey. It was like he had some sort of mind control over me and held me completely under his will. It pissed me off. And I wanted him to know it. But because of his impressive height, I had to incline my head all the way back just to meet his eyes. But even that proved to be impossible standing in the darkest part of the shadows. I spat a silent curse at the streetlight shining behind his head, casting him off as nothing but a massive shadow against the light.

Everything about him oozed energy, a dark and spellbinding force that was designed to trap its victim into submission, until they had no choice but to surrender. And surrender was definitely on my mind. He stepped closer, his advancing movements calm and calculated until our bodies were so close I could feel the warmth radiating off of him. A sliver of unease trickled down my spine, but even more astonishing was the sudden burst of lust I felt at the thought of submitting to him.

I became aware of a pulsing ache between my legs and almost squeezed my knees together to squelch the aching need. Oh, fuck. My arousal was as obvious as the moon in the sky. Distractedly, I realized my breathing had changed, slightly desperate, but so obviously breathless I wanted to slink to the ground in embarrassment as we both stood unmoving, facing each other.

Before I knew what I’d intended to do, my hand was moving upward, as if it were obeying someone else’s orders, and I watched it land flat against this captivating man’s chest, tentatively, like I had originally planned to push him away but suddenly had other ideas. Like the impulsive, unexplainable, desperate need to feel him inside of me.

I sucked in a breath, abashed at my behavior, wondering who this reckless, wild woman inside of me had come from…and how to make her go away. I didn’t need this, couldn’t do it. It was irresponsible and crazy. Insane. Complete madness. But there it was. To put it simply, I wanted him. Wanted him to fuck me with a raw desperation that left me feeling disgraceful, untamed and yet, alive.

And then his body went completely rigid. I’m not exactly sure how I noticed the change in his stance, but suddenly he seemed less in control, as if he were on the verge of snapping. Uncivilized. Knowing he was aware of my arousal should have slammed me back into reality, but it only managed to increase the frantic desire building within me. Sex with this dark and mysterious stranger was too fantastic of an opportunity to pass up.

He could be a murderer, or some type of criminal, or a rapist, the possibilities were endless, but I didn’t give a damn. All I wanted was to feel the satisfying thickness of his penis, hot and hard, deep and fast. With complete reckless abandon, and definitely any way he wanted to take me.

I could feel my body temperature rising just with the thought. My fingers twitched, itching to begin their exploration and traced a slow, soft line down his chest. I could only watch in amazement as the muscles under his shirt rippled and danced beneath my touch. He dragged in a ragged breath. I stole a glance at his eyes again. But this time I could feel them on me with a burning intensity.

“Kiss me.” I couldn’t believe that was my voice, me telling this strange, delicious man to kiss me. Never before had I asked a total stranger to kiss me, but here I was, nearly begging him to devour me. And I wanted it with a fierceness that left me feeling almost numb.

I thought I saw him crook his eyebrow, but I couldn’t be sure in the heavy shadows. Still, he said nothing more. I was going crazy wondering what he was thinking. And then, he took a step closer, closing the gap between us until our bodies were flush against each other, the heat radiating between us like the sun bursting into flames and I forgot about thinking. Slightly unnerved by the blazing intensity, a small part of me wanted to put some distance between us so I could try to catch my breath, but I had long since lost the ability to move. I wanted more.

Dizzy from the electricity of our bodies touching, wild beyond any thought or control, I stood on my tiptoes and looped my arms over his broad, massive shoulders. I was far from recognizing myself, crazed with lust and mad with need. My tongue traced his chiseled jaw-line, greedily absorbing the salty, masculine flavor of his skin. I heard his quick intake of breath and a deep rumbling growl erupted from his chest. Yes, yes, yes!  

His reaction only fired my response, made me feel braver, gave me more motivation to continue and I pressed myself flat against him, feeling the thick, hard bulge between his legs through his jeans. Way out of my head now, consumed with this fierce hunger and determined to soothe its thirst, I cautiously caught his lower between my teeth, gently sucking and gliding my tongue over the surface. I was close enough now that I could see the dangerous glitter of his eyes and thrilled in it. He hadn’t moved an inch, but his body was so tense I knew he had to be hanging on the edge. Something was going to happen, one way or another.

“You want me,” I whispered against his lips. “Don’t deny it.” And once the words were said aloud, I knew truth rang in them with clarity. Whatever his original motive had been, he was fully distracted now and as much captive under this maddening electric spell as I was. I knew I was playing with fire, seducing him like this, but I couldn’t stop. Not now.

I sensed it right before it happened - his control finally snapped, and then he was touching me, using his body to propel me forward until my back landed roughly against a brick wall. I didn’t mind; didn’t want gentle. If possible, the flames only grew hotter, stronger. One hand, which nearly circled my neck completely, held me in place as his lips forcefully crashed down on mine, hot and aggressive and demanding. Bruising in its power. His other hand gripped my legs right under my ass, roughly jerking my body up against him. His strength was dazzling, and his very essence commanding obedience to his dominance.

Vaguely I was aware of the sensation of silk sliding up my leg, over my thigh until my fogged brain realized he was bunching the material into thick wads in his hand. I gasped as the chill of the night air brushed against my flush skin. But it only lasted a moment until it was replaced by the searing sensation of flesh against flesh.

Oh. My. God. I could hardly think, barely a thought able to form in my mind. My entire body jerked, beginning to tremble uncontrollably, and my knees buckled, threatening to go weak. His fingers were moving almost desperately now, gliding across my skin like satin against silk until he reached between my legs. For a moment, I almost lost my nerve as a small nagging voice pierced my sex-starved mind screaming for me to stop before this went too far, before I lost myself.

My soul.

But it was already too late; there was no turning back now. I was distantly aware of a ripping sound as my panties were tore from my body in one, smooth motion. A startled half-scream tore from my throat at the pain-pleasure sensation of fabric being plucked from my skin, but I wasn’t really frightened. If anything, his callous move had only served to heighten my aroused state even more.

And then his wicked, skillfully knowing fingers dipped into the folds of my pussy, playing me like a music instrument until I was dancing to his tune, completely under his mercy.

I moaned, so wet, so hot from this almost brutal assault that I could feel my own juices flowing between my thighs. His hand moved with the lazy, graceful torture of a man who knew his way around a woman’s body. My body was limp in his arms, completely surrendered to him and my head fell back against the wall as my mouth sagged open in a silent scream. He pushed another finger into my folds and I could think of nothing but the mind-numbing pleasure exploding through my body.

Dimly, I was aware I was panting, gasping for air, but it was confirmed when he huskily whispered against my ear, “Shh, angel. Breathe…slowly.” His deep and throaty voice was raspy from the control he was struggling to hold.

And then his lips were on mine again, drinking my cries, dominant and slightly punishing, as if he were angry with me for some unknown reason. I didn’t give a damn. I just wanted more, to take and take and take. Ruthlessly, he gave and gave. And gave some more.

His hands were almost too rough as he gripped my thighs, yanking my legs up and around his waist. Following his lead, I wrapped them around him. The sound of a buckle clinking was especially loud in the silence of the night, but was gone before anyone would think to investigate, were they lurking around the alley. His hands were everywhere on me, lightly squeezing my breasts, sliding down my stomach, all the while continuing his sweet torture with the other hand.

The pleasure was so exquisite, I could almost see stars. I felt as if I was going to burst into a thousand little pieces at any moment but I didn’t have the will to stop him now. Didn’t want to. If this was going to be my death, I gladly welcomed it.

Unexpectedly, his hand was at my throat, pressing me none-too-gently into the wall behind me. Although a sliver of fear briefly sliced through the pleasure, I was too far gone to take heed of any caution. Instead, my eyes flew open to meet his. They glittered back at me, dark and dangerous, as if daring me to be afraid of him now. But I wasn’t, and I narrowed my eyes at him to wordlessly tell him so. His hand squeezed then, ever so slightly, but just enough to make me second doubt my first thought. Stunned, and fighting the urge to be afraid, my eyes widened against my will.

Noticing my discomfort, his mouth twitched, a slow, wicked grin spreading across his face. Before my stupid brain could process the change, he thrust forward, his cock filling me with one powerful, solid plunge. My mouth fell open in a silent scream.

“Fuck! Oh. My. Go—“ His hand clamped over my mouth, cutting off my crazed cries of ecstasy. Over and over and over he plunged into my tight, wet-hot channel, slamming my back against the wall with each powerful thrust, driving me to a place I’ve never been. Behind me, the brick scratched angrily against my skin. My legs were getting weak, but I managed to keep them firmly locked around his waist, allowing the almost violent sex to continue. I never wanted it to stop.

What happened next came too fast and unexpected, the events blurred in my mind.  I was shattering, my orgasm exploding through me so fiercely it was all I could do to hang onto to his shoulders. My fingernails were biting into him, breaking the skin but he squeezed me tightly against him, allowing the pain. Welcoming it. Next thing I knew, with his mouth against my neck, a sudden sharp and intense pain pierced my satisfied mind. Holy fuck! I’d just had my brains fucked out by a freaking vampire! A growl of approval vibrated through his chest as he sated his thirst with my blood.

Jesus, God, I knew I should be scared half out of my mind, but I was still turned on! A vampire had his fangs implanted in my neck and still, all I could think about was his cock settled deep inside of me. His movements were slower now, but definitely not gentle. I could feel the pressure within me building again, knew I was coming close to another orgasm. I was burning. My skin tingled and the spot at my neck felt as if it were opening to swallow me whole, the heat settling over my body so scorching I thought I was dying. I went wild. My nails raked his back, his shoulders, digging into his arms as I tightened my ankles around his waist. I thrust forward, meeting his steady movements in a forceful shove. I didn’t want gentle. I wanted to burn. I wanted to sizzle and blaze.

The suckling at my neck halted and he raised his eyes to meet mine. They sparkled of danger, glittered his surprise at my response. I was drowning in their depths. I was breathless as I tried to speak, and had to clear my throat. “Fuck me,” I demanded. “And none of that bullshit gentle shit, either.”

His answer was a low growl as he sunk his teeth into my shoulder, pressing me so tight against the wall I wasn’t sure if I could breathe. My arms were yanked over my head with enough force I almost worried if he’d yanked them out of the sockets. Now we were talking. This is what I’d wanted. What my body had demanded. He pulled back so far his cock teased the opening before plunging forward with enough violence I screamed.

“Oh, my God. Fuck yes! Yes! Yes!” He didn’t bother with covering my cries this time. He greedily gave himself over to the hunger that ripped at his soul, continuing with his bruising pounding. Suddenly astonished, I could taste blood and realized I was biting down on my lip so hard I’d drawn blood. Somehow, it seemed fitting and I let go as I gave myself over to the insane and crazy moment, screaming my liberation into the silent night. He stiffened, his body going tense, and followed me into oblivion as he pumped his release into my core. Into my heart. Into my very soul.

I knew then, without a doubt, that I was forever changed, that from this night forward I would never be the same, would never be able to see the world through the same eyes. After all, having the best sex of your life with a vampire did that to a girl. Settled firmly and, somewhat possessively against him, I smiled, a slow sinful smile. A smile that did not match the woman I’d thought myself to be.

His head lifted and I found myself looking into the most incredible set of silver eyes. He looked back, his gaze never leaving mine, and I felt like he was reading into my soul, discovering all of my deepest and darkest secrets. Exposed.

It was ridiculous to feel shy, especially at that moment, I knew, but there it was. I averted his gaze, my cheeks flaming. What was the next step now?

To be continued....

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